Hiking and Biking Ireland

September 14, 2011

hiking and biking in Ireland

Beautiful green Ireland is a fabulous place to hike and bike as a family and we loved doing lots of it during our long stay there. This photo was taken near Blarney, but we also loved exploring  Killarney, Dingle, Rock of Cashel and much more as we encircled and criss crossed the entire Emerald Isle.

Exploring a country by foot or bike gives a deep and close-up appreciation like nothing else and is one of the great joys of slow travel.  Because we travel Europe by motorhome, we always have our bikes with us, so that is handy although I am sure renting them is also quite easy.

Surprisingly, despite traveling the world to 43 countries on 5 continents these last 5 years, we have explored the world primarily by foot and then bikes and mass transit as our next most used. Our RV is mostly parked and used as our home base in Europe, we take planes only when needed and we have rental homes usually during the winter.

Walking, hiking, and trekking allows us to enjoy nature more as well as keep to our $23/day per person budget! One warning though, Ireland in July and August is colder and rainier than Spain in deepest winter and the mass transit is the worst in Europe outside of Dublin.

Have you done any hiking or biking in Ireland?


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Thank you for the heads up. Wow. I can't comprehend the cold in July! I am wanting to bike Ireland next year, but the cold concerns me as I'm a warm climate person.


I spent 3 months in Ireland (County Donegal) this spring and early summer. I can attest to the cooler temps, although I regretted complaining about them when I got back to North Texas and triple digit temperatures and NO rain.

I didn't bike, but I did do a little hiking, and it was fabulous. I love Ireland!

family vacations in Ireland

Ireland is jewel on Earth. Its scenic beauty fascinates me a lot when i visit their. As, I love to play golf, i went to county kerry, for Ballybunion.

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