Beautiful Capitola - California's Oldest Beach

February 03, 2012

beautiful beach - Capitola, California

One of the most charming and family friendly beaches in California is also the oldest beach in the state and one of our fave places on the planet...Capitola! You can see the colorful and  iconic Venetian Court built in 1924 along with the wharf in this photo of Capitola beach. It was voted by Sunset Magazine as one of the best beach locations on the California coast. It's popular with the elites of Silicon Valley as a weekend getaway because of proximity ( many who live here work in Silicon Valley).

Capitola-by-the-sea is actually the oldest seaside resort on the west coast and began in the 1850's. Long ago, I knew an elderly woman who lived in a house on this beach who had photos and stories of herself and family in old fashioned bathing costumes at the turn of the century playing on this beach.  Funnily, much of it looks the same today. My step father came here as a boy and young man and fell in love with the area as it is a quintessentially California beach town, but has an enchanting European feel to it 

He and my Mom had a house right on this beach for a long time, so I've been visiting this area for about 40 years. Mozart first came to this beach when she was 2 weeks old and has spent many hours over the years playing here. We started our first viral travel video  ( almost 2 million views!) and our family world trip here 6 years ago and have have a photo of her at this beach at two months old in 2000.

Capitola beach 2000

So many happy memories, so it's been wonderful spending the last four months in this area. We've lucked out with almost all sunny days as it's been an excepional sunny and  dry winter. Alas, ( and happily)  it is time to go to tropical Asia soon, but we will be back.

More photos and posts about our time in Capitola for those looking for more information and even an amazing place to stay here:

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Have you ever been to the sweet beach town? Where is your favorite beach resort?

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Gigi DeVault

Yes, I like this "sweet beach town," too. Some of the best of my years were spent in Santa Cruz mountains. What a great photo! Safe travels on your next journey.


So glad you are enjoying your visit back home. I have a week spot in my heart for Capitola and Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. It makes me sad that my children do not have memories of these places because we were there when they were so young. We'll have to go back. I grew up playing in the sand at Capitola, on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, riding the merry go round and building Sand Castles at Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz. What a beautiful area...

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Gigi! It is a special area isn't it? Fun to see your photo and work! ;)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Jennifer! I so understand that weak spot! ;) I'd add Big Sur. Yosemite, and SF to that list too.

The good news is you can always take your kids back repeatedly to build those memories. That is what we love to do with places we love around the world and I think perhaps one appreciates them even more that way. ( Like Mozart was probably the most thrilled 11 year old in the Capitola Halloween parade, but would have probably been bored if she had done it every year).

This long stay has been great for remembering all that we love here. ;) That said, I am glad not to live here now

and still amazed at the ridiculous real estate prices here despite the recession and huge drop! ;) Something is Kookie in a world where an old, ugly shack costs at least a half a million! ;)

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