Wadi Rum, Jordan

July 29, 2012

Wadi Rum Bedouin family travel  fun!

Of all the magnificent sights that we saw on our journey to Jordan, Wadi Rum was my husband's favorite. Here you can get a sense of our joy as we took a tea break in the middle of no where, at a small Bedouin camp during our tour by jeep over desert sands. 

Majestic magical  mountains, vast desert landscapes, orange, red, rust colors, legacy of Lawrence, 5 bridges, archaeology mysteries ...too hard to describe because it is much like taking a trip to another world and Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts on our planet.

Sweet and bright, Saleh Ahmad Arfou,  our guide, is a Bedouin who grew up nomading in the desert until mid-childhood and has a degree in archaeology. He added so much to our visit  as did the Jordan Toursim Board which sponsored our Jordan trip.

This is another photo of our Wadi Rum jeep tour and I hope you didn't miss this photo of Wadi Rum, or the newborn  baby camel we met there. We have so much more that I need to share and will, but I think the wonderous classic movie, Laurance of Arabia gives the best sense of the take-your-breath-away grandeur that is Wadi Rum.

"Vast, echoing and God-like" T. E. Lawrence

Would you like to go? Is Wadi Rum on your bucket list? Have you been?

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