The Ultimate Travel Photo

December 07, 2012

The ultimate travel photo- capturing travelers exploring in China

Can one photo capture 7 years of world travel and digital nomad, or location independent living? I am not sure, but I like this one taken in our 45th country ( on 5 continents) and some how it conveys that for me. Our travel lifestyle in a nutshell.

There is my trilingual daughter at just turned 12 in her dragon year during her first trip to China, about to pass through an arched doorway in the Forbidden City while able to fluently converse, read and write well in Putonghua/Mandarin with the locals as we wander.

Far ahead and passing through the first arched door in front of her is her father with his backpack on ( stuffed with 2 laptops) that he has been carrying since our travel lifestyle began.

I'm gimping along behind taking photos, so proud of both my beloveds as we amble and explore once again in a new place, learning and loving as we go.

What do you think? Does it capture the slow travel mood and lifestyle?

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winser zhao

I love this one too.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Winser...sure had fun exploring China with your help! ;)

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