Tropical Winter Vacation - From Freezing to Flipflops

December 17, 2012


Lazing on my lounge in the shade, I look past the palm dancing in the breeze that frames my sea view, watching the shimmering water in the bright sun and people at play in sail boats and yachts. There is something particularly decadent and enjoyable about a tropical winter vacation, when one has just left a very cold place and it is almost Christmas.

I always love sunshine and summer weather in the winter ( like wintering in Spain or California), but have become even more enamored with tropical winters as I get older (be it Bora Bora, surfing in Hawaii, Florida, French Polynesia or Southeast Asia).

We loved China in the fall, with it's crisp days and blue skies, but as we left in December,  Beijing was starting to get bitterly cold with those Siberian winds, reminding us why we missed our tropical rental  home in Penang and the ease here. We were ready to take off those down jackets, scarves and sweaters  and put back on the shorts, sarong and flipflops.

I just did an amazing retreat online with hundreds of participants from all over the world ( although half were in a location in northern California) and I think I was the only one in a tropical paradise. We did some of it on skype webcams ( with folks in Europe, Japan, East Coast USA, rocky mountains  etc) and invariably they said they wanted to be in the warmth ( although all of them also seemed to enjoy their fireplaces and joys of colder winters too).

Every season and place has its rewards, but I am very happy in this moment to be enjoying a tropical winter and Christmas in Asia. What about you? What is delighting you about this season? Are you nesting in or planning an escape?

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