Winter Camping in Europe

February 20, 2013

camping Europe - low budget and fun!

Can you camp in Europe in the winter time? Absolutely! Just as there are "snowbirds" who head south to winter in the USA, one finds the same thing in Europe. LOTS of bargains about as well for long term campers who settle in when there are no crowds.

Of course, there are places where you can camp and snow ski in Europe and many colder area campsites are open all year round like Paris or London, but most folks who want to spend the winter camping Europe, head south to Spain on the Costa del Sol or Portugal Algarve as these are the warmest areas of Europe in the winter.

If you are hardy, you could also camp in Barcelona or Southern France as some do, but just be prepared for it to be a little colder and usually more rain ( maybe snow)  in the the winter. In my opinion, one is better off in the deep coatal south during the coldest months of December, January and February.


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Ready to plan your trip? We are missing our little camper van stored in Europe now as we get our child fluent in Mandarin in tropical Asia, but enjoy the warmth here.

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