Good People Helping Good People 贵人相助

March 07, 2013

good people helping good people in China - fabulous business club! 贵人相助北京总裁俱乐部

I was very honored to be asked to speak in Beijing about long term world travel  and education to a special group of people ( with a Chinese translator). The name of the group is 贵人相助北京总裁俱乐部 and it's a business club full of very interesting  Chinese entrepreneurs. Our long time friend Winser Zhao introduced us to Mr. Chen, as you can see us all together in this photo at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing  before we set out.

Mr. Chen, the 贵人相助北京总裁俱乐部 club founder and a very successful businessman,  explained that  贵人 culture is a traditional Chinese philosophy which means that good people will help and support each other without asking for anything in  return. So much in China has to do with connections. This club shows by helping others you help yourself too.

Before I began, each person stood up and shared why they came and how they were inspired by and interested in our story which was very touching. It was so enriching to be able to connect and communicate deeply with this group thanks to the talented and hard working translator ( another Twitter friend  KineticONE CEO and filmaker @sioksiok who volunteered).

Elliott Ng and Soultravelers3 meet in China!

I was super honored that an old friend, (head of Google in China) and terrific human being, Elliott Ng, ( who is now living in Shanghai) also made it a point to come. I was very surprised and quite impressed with this fellow Californian's Mandarin when he introduced himself! ( He is the one who connected Winser and I via Twitter,  and there will be more coming about our meeting his whole family in Shanghai and an interview with him about American expat life in China).

It is much harder for the average Chinese person to do independent travel outside of China and Chinese parents have an extraordinary interest in educating their children, so they wanted to know more about our unusual world travel and world schooling educational approach.

Best business club in China for entrepreneurs 贵人相助北京总裁俱乐部

Everyone we met there ( and all over China) had such a beautiful, pure heart, so it was a very exciting way to begin our China trip. We have a great love for Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching ( 道德经) as the philosophy resonates closely with our own beliefs.

Through the very good and kind people we met, thanks to Winser, we felt the Spirit of Lao Tzu is so alive, well and thriving in today's China. This group and their works and values were very inspiring.

The aim of the 贵人相助北京总裁俱乐部 club, seems to be "paying it forward" and creating a win/win world. Mr. Chen hopes to spread it around the world eventually and is setting up an online eco-system to make it accessible to more people.

Mr. Chen had just had his first baby only a few days earlier and she is a beautiful  dragon girl, just like Mozart. He is an older parent too who really liked our family travel and worldschool ideas and wants to do the same with his child. When he asked Mozart about her future dreams and she mentioned that she wants to go to Harvard, (to our amazement,) he volunteered to connect us with a Chinese group he knows well that gives full scholarships to Harvard to help her fulfill that dream!

贵人相助 Mr. Chen and Soultravelers3 in Beijing, China

People are what makes a place and the people of China really impressed us. When I went to communist USSR  and East Germany in 1988 with a peace group, there was a very heavy, repressive energy there. I guess I kind of half expected to feel some of that in mainland China as well, but I didn't feel it there, but the opposite.

The kindness, caring, industriousness, creativity, joy, humour and enthusiasm of the Chinese people was very uplifting and gave me more hope for the future of our planet. Don't you think good people helping good people is a great idea?

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With all of the negative news reports one sees, it's nice to read something like this to balance it all out - great post!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Sheralyn! So true, we are bombarded constantly with bad news via the media, but when you travel the world you can't help but discover how many wonderful people and beautiful places make up our world. ;)

Theresa Lode

This so resonated with me. I keep thinking of the phrase, "believing is seeing" and I love how it can shape our perspective on things. (For either good or bad.) We find what we're looking for and you are always looking for the good and lovely in the hearts of people, regardless of the culture or language barriers.
I love that about you, Jeanne!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

So happy to hear that, so thanks Theresa! I really love the positive people that are attracted to our blog and story.

So validating when people "get" what I am talking about.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, so if one looks for it and goodness always, that is what you get. ;)

I am often reminded of that story of when Jesus came upon that reeking carcass of a dead dog, but focused on the shining teeth.

Just one of so many examples of keeping one's eyes on the good.

Some how for me, the vulnerability of our travel lifestyle, helps me focus even more on the goodness and purity of people and gives me more faith.

Some people ( like in Bhutan) believe that ALL the people you meet in your life, are souls you have known before.

Sometimes it really does feel like that... every person we have met on this journey, all the people we meet online and all the people I've met in life....some how there is a magic to it, like my family is every where.

I am humbled by all the blessings in my life and so much love everywhere.

The more I keep my focus on "those shining teeth" rather than the "carcass" of this life on planet earth ( even in illness or challenge), the more beauty and blessings I seem to get.

Theresa Lode

So beautiful thoughts you've tucked into my soul, Jeanne. There is something magical about this life thing, isn't there? There is a connectivity to things, people and events that blow my mind when I catch a glimpse of it. Thank you for sharing your life!


As an alumnus, I can tell you that Harvard is extremely generous with financial aid. Several years back they replaced loans with grants. This is actually true of most of the ivy league now. Under 65k income, no parental contributions are expected. Your financial assets could affect this, but I believe if they are in a 401k/ira, they are excluded.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Dan!

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