Traditional Chinese Medicine Travel in China

April 04, 2013

Traditional Chinese Medicine in China - healing TCM  travel tour

If you love traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) in Asia, like I do, you will love the unique wellness travel tours and medical tourism available in Beijing through China Medical Tourism International.

Thanks to our friend Winser Zhao and the Good People Helping Good People ( 贵人相助北京总裁俱乐部) business club, we met some amazing people from this TCM International Health Center, who gave us a two day tour to show us some of what they have to offer, so we can share it with you.

stunning Beijing and Chinese cultural heritage

Travel health secrets, health and travel, organic eating etc have been primary interests for me my whole life ( I am a nurse who worked in ICU, hosted world renown healers at our home and we grew our own organic food year round before our travel lifestyle), but became even more so when I had to learn to travel while sick and dealing with medical challenges.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in China Acupuncture

I first wrote about this TCM Culture experience in "Confucius Temple in Beijing and TCM Tourism" but the tour was so diverse, enlightening and awe-inspiring, (with loads of great photos and video),  that I will have to break it down into several posts.

Traditional Chinese Culture in China - Confucius temple Beijing

We got a fantastic insider view into traditional Chinese culture and historic places never seen on the tourist trail, as well as many treatments by top practitioners and doctors. If you have any interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Chinese history and culture, these are the people to connect with, as we were so very impressed and it added so much to our China travel.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in China - top acupuncture TCM doctor in Beijing

We not only got an acupuncture treatment from one of the top TCM doctors in Beijing, which was fantastic, we also had lunch with him at a special restaurant which serves only delicious Chinese food that is also part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each and every  dish (and even the water with a beautiful flower in each glass), was a healing food which we discussed over this scrumptious lunch as we also interviewed him.

This physician inherited Acupuncture and Moxibustion Mastery as a disciple of one of the most famous TCM doctors in China. He had many students training under him and doing apprenticeships to learn these secrets when we visited his office. I found him very gentle and powerful.  He used acupuncture needles, moxibustion and Tuina ( TCM massage) on me during my treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in China - healing herbs from TCM Museum Beijing

It was really a pleasure to work with Joan Ye ( General Manager) and her colleagues who organized and led our TCM Culture experience. She is a native, born and bread in Beijing, who has also spent time and studied in the U.S., thus is a great bridge between the two cultures and has excellent English. She had just returned from a trip to NYC where she experienced the infamous Hurricane Sandy.

She was very flexible, very knowledgeable and paid extraordinary attention to detail which made every aspect of the tour enjoyable and rewarding. Her love for Traditional Chinese Medicine and culture was evident in all that she did. Like most of the people we met in China, these folks had a very heart centered approach to life, were very generous and genuine spirits, with a passion for traditional Chinese culture and history.

Joan Ye - General Manager at TCM International Health Center

We were able to learn Medical Qigong (chigong, chi kung) with the top expert and only doctor in China who teaches Qigong as part of a hospital and has taught many around the world over the last 20 years,  including many doctors. The highly esteemed Dr. Xu Hongtao is head of the Qigong and Tuina Department of the world-renown, United Nations WHO Collaborative Training Center in Xiyuan Hospital. The hospital’s Qigong Department was featured in the Bill Moyer’s PBS series Healing and the Mind.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in China - doing Qigong with top expert Dr. Xu Hongtao

Qigong ( 气功) means "Life Energy Cultivation" and has evolved in tandem with Traditional Chinese Medicine so is over 5000 years old. Guigen Qigong is a medical style of Qigong and a holistic practice that combines the use of physical movement, breath-work, meditation, and intention which heals, restores energy levels, calms the mind,  and was designed by Dr. Xu Hongtao. Many of the movements resemble world famous Chinese martial arts. "Guigen" means a return to one's primordial home, or a return to the Tao.

We really enjoyed learning some Qigong and our time with Dr. Xu Hongao. I love his quote "Nothingness is the best prescription". I will be writing much more about these two exceptional doctors and things we learned.

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

We visited one of the most prestigious education institutions in China, Tsinghua University, which was once the emperor's unique garden during the Qing Dynasty,  with TCM plants.

acupuncture in China TCM

I loved the combination of TCM treatments like acupuncture with top TCM doctors,

TCM International Health Center tour to foot massage in China

unique and soothing health treatments like foot massages,

TCM travel in China with Dr, Xu Hongtao and Joan Ye with soultravelers

time to talk with these very approachable and wise eminent TCM physicians,

Traditional Chinese Culture temple

visiting rarely seen historical sights that are so important to traditional Chinese culture as well as meeting crafts people making traditional items,

TCM lunch in China during TCM tour

and of course, amazing healing food in beautiful environments with great company!

Any questions?

Thank you Joan Ye and China Medical Tourism International for sponsoring us on the ultimate China TCM tour, one of our best experiences in Asia.

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