Chinese Medicine in China

May 20, 2013

TCM Chinese Medicine in China

Did you know you can travel to China to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine? We were really pleased to  experience the unique wellness travel tours and medical tourism available in Beijing through China Medical Tourism International.

Chinese medicine in China travel tour

If you travel when sick as I have done, perhaps you would be as fascinated by Traditonal Chinese Medicine in Asia as I have been. As many of you know I have been sharing my travel health secrets as I walk through my own healing journey while traveling the world. TCM has helped more than anything and I have tried it on 3 continents, but it is best in Asia.

Ever since  I had a bike crash on the Danube and ended up in a foreign hospital needing surgery and paralyzing my dominant right arm for over a year and doing physical therapy in 6 countries, I've been dealing with travel health issues. The blessing in this is how much I have learned along the way.

Chinese medicine in China

Thanks to our friend Winser Zhao and the Good People Helping Good People ( 贵人相助北京总裁俱乐部) business club, we met some amazing people from the TCM International Health Center who gave us a great two day tour.

Ginseng - Chinese medicine in China

One of the intriguing places we visited on our TCM health tour while in Beijing was the Museum of Chinese Medicine.

herbs - Chinese medicine in China

I am always blown away by this 2000 year old medicine system that somehow has found a way to make everything healing.

Chinese medicine in China

Chinese medicine in China

I always wonder who could have ever thought up these things?

"The first wealth is health." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ginseng = Chinese medicine in China

My personal favorite is ginseng because it looks cool and has also done wonders for me. I think it is the main reason I have my energy back and it has been proven in Western medicine as well.

Chinese medicine in China TCM museum

colorful herbs = Chinese medicine in China

I hope the photos can convey a little bit of the diversity in this museum. Most of the exhibits are in English and Chinese, but we also had a guide with  us to answer any specific questions.

sea horses

I love sea horses, who knew they were healthy and part of Chinese medicine. I do find some strange things in my herbs, but none of these so far.

ancient Chinese medicine in China - museum

Chinese mummy

They even had an exhibit about a Chinese mummy.

I love these medicinal TCM cabinets in Asia - every draw filled with different herbs

If you are interested in Chinese medicine and Chinese culture, you don't want to miss this tour and museum!

Beijing University Museum of Chinese Medicine

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