OMG! Snow in Dallas!!

February 09, 2014

kid enjoying freak snow storm and making snow balls

 I know there have been some amazing snow storms this year from Atlanta to Portland and regularly through the Midwest and East Coast, but it was a shock to wake up to snow in Dallas for my child who has never lived in a place where it snowed.

She was ecstatic! She may be the world's most well-traveled child, but she has been living mostly in tropical weather lately to become fluent in Mandarin and before that she was usually in a Mediterranean   climate like Andalusia, Spain or California or winter travel to Bora Bora, Hawaii, or Sydney.

snow in Dallas at the pool

Of course, she had to run right out and make a snowball! This is the view from our window in our new home-away-from-home, the amazing Hawthorn Suites in Addison, which is the best extended stay hotel in Dallas. ( I will be writing more on this topic soon).

Yes, she has skied in southern Spain and California and froze at the Great Wall in China in December, but she has never been any where that she could wake up to new snow that she remembers. It did barely snow once at our old home in California and our winter home in Spain, but never like this.

travel kid Mozart having fun in the snow

Always new experiences to embrace! Luckily temps are suppose to get back up to 70 here next week, and today was sunny and warm, everything melted........ so that pleases her parents who are retired and like to avoid too much cold and snow.

OMG! Snow in Dallas at our pool

Are you enjoying the snow where you are or not so much?

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Margaret Sch

I'm so glad that Mozart's home country gifted her with this experience! (Considering that she has California parents, nature had to pull a trick on you all to make this happen!). She'll always remember the Grand Canyon and snow in Dallas from this winter!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Me too Margaret! We had no idea it was going to snow as we have been busy and not paying attention to local forecasts, so it was quite stunning and magical to wake up to this as we opened the curtains!!

She actually had a LOT of fun playing in the left over snow at the Grand Canyon and Santa Fe...never missed an opportunity to crunch any bit of snow she could find.

We were going to go skiing at Yosemite when we were near by in Fresno during the holidays..but time just slipped by.

Dallas has been a fun base so far, such friendly people..but the winter weather is VERY unpredictable and changes so quickly.

I grew up in Michigan, so remember clearly the joy of waking up to new I am thrilled that she now has this in her childhood memory banks! ;)

She is praying for it to snow again and give her enough to make a snowman! LOL


next time, maybe some snow ice cream? :0)
sweetener, vanilla, cream/milk :0)


Am I enjoying the snow? Not so much hehe

We keep saying thank goodness this will be our last winter for a good long while (we'll be in SouthEast Asia next winter, part of our, um, pre-mid-life crisis where we leave everything behind to travel for as long as we can with our kids!!)

We live in Winnipeg, Canada, and we've had a brutally cold winter this year - we're counting down the days until it's over!!!

But, that being said, milder winters are always more fun - kids can play outside longer without worrying about frostbit, plus better temps for that sticky snow you need for making snowmen! :)


hehe. Not much snow. Winters in Texas are brutal. I don't miss them. I remember one Christmas a few years ago when it was 79 degrees, and others when it was sleeting. There is no normal winter temperature. Probably it's been colder this year than normal, but hey, I'm not there, so it can do whatever it wants. Just don't hang around until the summer. Summers are more hot and humid than in Asia.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

No, not much snow, Marlana, but enough to see everything covered in it and have a snowball fight, so made kiddo happy! ;)

So far we haven't found the winter in Dallas brutal at all, but quite pleasant...although VERY changeable! ;)

We will definitely leave before the serious heat sets in this summer and bop off to Europe! ;)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

So sorry Sheralyn about your brutally cold winter, BUT sounds like a good time to dream about your travels and prepare. ;)

Happy planning!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Ha! Fun idea she did save a cup of it in the freezer...but I don't think it is too pure because of the nearby traffic etc.

We do make our own homemade ice cream with the raw milk, pastured egg yolks and raw honey we get from the farmers here. ;) YUM!


It snowed yesterday where I live. I love snow, because it means no school! I like going to school, but no snow-days are nice(:

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Lucky you @abluepatronis! I remember the fun of snow days when I was a kid in Michigan. ;) I think some of the kids here got snow days off of school and I know the poor general manager of the hotel here took 2 hours to get to work that day.

We are lucky we don't have to drive in it I think the roads and bridges here are not prepared for snow like up north.

We could enjoy it because we work and home and Mozart is homeschooling now so every day is a "snow day" that she has off from school.

Well, she does school, but right here mostly and plays in between classes. ;)

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