How and Why Take Your Kids to Europe

May 22, 2014

why take your kids to Europe? Education!
Why Europe with kids? As the base of Western Culture, Europe is a huge living museum of history, so perfect for educational travel for families with endless lessons about international travel and multilingual/multiculturalism.

Not to mention the amazing food, sights, beauty and fun factor!

why take your kids to Europe? Culture and beauty!

Europe is dense, with many countries, speaking many languages, and many cultures, in a fairly compact area ( compared to North America), so unparalleled opportunity to understand the past and learn.

why take your kids to Europe? Exploring History and museums

One can visit prehistoric art in caves,inspect Roman ruins, see wild horses and medieval fortresses, hear gypsy guitar at Moorish palace,  and explore an ancient working wind mill, all within a few days!

why take your kids to Europe? Education through traditions and festivals

Although I highly recommend that you spend as much time as you can and do slow travel in Europe and take time to enjoy the food, people, cultures or even learn a language like Spanish in Spain.

why take your kids to Europe? Education and museums for 21st century kids


We think the best way to see Europe is camping! One of our best decisions on our 8 year open ended family trip around the world has been using an RV for Europe. Vacation rentals and trains in Europe can work too while staying on a tight budget like we do.

why take your kids to Europe? Fun camping Europe on a budget

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