Camping Europe in Style

November 19, 2014

Camping Europe in Style

Ready to plan a camping trip European style? Camping is the cheapest way to visit Europe and the most popular way for middle-class European families and retirees to travel, but sadly, most Americans miss this opportunity.

A motorhome is a especially useful and ideal for families, couples or small group of friends, as they are both transportation and accommodation and one of the best ways to meet other Europeans like the creative folks in the photo above that made us smile when we met them.

Ah, the joys of a European Road Trip!

We've spent 6 years of our world trip, camping all over Europe with a small campervan RV and easily stayed on our $23/day per person budget even when the euro was high and dollar low.  We love it so much that we will definitely be back for more as soon as we can. ( We store it cheaply when not there).I hope these posts can inspire you to do the same some day!


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We still plan to write a book or books with tips for camping Europe, but frankly, life has been going at too fast a pace to fit that in yet. What would you like to see in a book on this topic?

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Hi, we would like to see two issues covered that you haven't discussed a great deal in your blogging. How do you travel so long in Europe as an American with visa restrictions due to Schengen? We have stayed at maximum 90 days at one time. It's so great to be able to stay at one place for a month at a time but how do you do that? Also how do you buy an RV? Do you ship it from the US? Where did you buy your RVs? Sam

Jeanne @soulttravelers3

Good questions Sam! We have mentioned it many times, but it's always good to repeat the info, so glad you asked!

We got a long stay visa for Spain.Some people do it by going to different countries to extend stay like UK, Morocco or Turkey etc.

Some people ship RV's from US, but we bought one at B&W Campers.

Hope that helps!

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