Losing Weight, Low Carb & Keto While Traveling

August 23, 2022

Losing Weight  Low Carb & Keto While Traveling  dieting travel
Yes, one can travel and diet and lose weight. Not skinny yet, but my weight journey has me down over 140lbs and the best news is my maintenance on Keto diet is working well. I get to eat a lot of great food and I have not gained any weight since I started my maintenance phase at the end of July. This is very important practice as maintaining weight after reaching one's final goal is perhaps the hardest part of dieting. I don't think I would have survived covid had I not lost this weight as well as living a very fit lifestyle now at 70 years old. 

Losing Weight  Low Carb & Keto While Traveling  groceries abroad
That may not seem exciting to those of you who easily do not gain weight, but my pattern is that I gain weight extremely easy and lose weight extremely hard, so to be able to eat luscious food like Brie every day and NOT gain any weight seems like a miracle to me. I am eating a lot and not gaining.

Losing Weight  Low Carb & Keto While Traveling shopping for groceries
Very low carb/keto diet works great for me for maintenance ( I wish I had discovered this earlier in my weight journey as before I was doing too much gaining during maintenance and that was so discouraging). Unlike me, my husband can eat all the carbs he wants and does not gain weight. 

Losing Weight  Low Carb & Keto While Traveling  grocery shopping abroad
Grocery shopping is always an adventure while traveling and perhaps even more adventurous in Bulgaria as most of it is in another language and alphabet, so sometimes tricky figuring out what you are buying. Cost of living is very low here, so prices are great and I have never seen Brie so cheap!

Losing Weight  Low Carb & Keto While Traveling  fruits and vegetables
There is not quite the same endless variety in a California super market, but plenty to choose from and all for so much less money. 

Losing Weight  Low Carb & Keto While Traveling restaurants keto
Of course, one can eat keto and low carb in restaurants too which we have done here and elsewhere on our travels, but I prefer buying groceries mostly as it is cheaper and I less tempting for me ( since my husband is not eating keto). 

Losing Weight  Low Carb & Keto While Traveling taxi and groceries
Mostly we walk to everything here, including the grocery store and farmers market. With small loads, we can carry it all in our backpacks and carry bags, but when we do a big run with lots of food and bottled drinking water, we just call a taxi to take us back to our apartment. 

Losing Weight  Low Carb & Keto While Traveling  bansko bulgaria mountains
I still have another 30 or 40lbs to go to reach my super slim goal weight, but I am thrilled to be where I am now and this is a perfect place to hike, swim, do keto and practice maintenance before I go back on the much more severe weight loss diet. Have you lost weight while traveling or done keto or special diet while travel?

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