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September 27, 2022

Worldschooling Bansko! soultravelers3 worldschool pioneers
As a worldschool, vanlife, digital nomad pioneer family who started worldschooling in 2005 in 48 countries on a tiny budget, we are thrilled to see worldschooling blossoming now! When I swim for exercise here in Bansko, for my weightloss journey, I have the pool all to myself in the cold water. What are the odds that I ended up swimming with boys from Holland, France and Bulgaria & they told me they are part of Worldschool Bansko! Luckily, I met the Dutch mom  Emmy later & interviewed her about this amazing worldschooling hub she has created with her teen daughter. What an amazing opportunity for worldschool, roadschool and homeschooled kids from around the world! I didn't even know there was such a thing as worldschool Bansko until I happen to meet these boys!

Worldschooling Bansko! Soultravelers3 interviews mom and daughter founders
Perhaps, even stranger & kismet, when I explained to the boys that we were worldschool pioneers & my daughter was trilingual pop singer Heavenly Reyna, the 12 year old Bulgarian boy was beside himself with excitement because he watches her on Twitch and is a big fan, so he was as shocked as I was that we connected by chance in this tiny Bulgarian town! There are more than 8 million Twitch streamers, so against all odds!

You can read more about Worldschool Bansko here and here. They started it in 2020 and just like the Bansko  Digital Nomad Festival, it keeps expanding every year ( and it is not related to the festival, but they both show the potential of Bansko). This worldschool "pop up" or "hub" takes place in the winter high season, so attracts families from around the world that love to ski! As more get involved, they may start it all year long. 

Worldschooling Bansko! soultravelers3 world school kids ski hub
No one was doing worldschooling  hubs or popups when we were traveling as a family ( there were so few of us then), so it is exciting to see these family travel communities come together like this. I have to give Emmy and her gifted 15 year old daughter Derisha much credit for their hard work on creating this community. Emmy and I had a lot in common as we discussed the challenges of raising a gifted child & how well travel assists that & social issues for globetrotting location independent kids  Her 8 year old son was also adorable and part of their team. 

Worldschooling  Bansko! soultravelers3 digital nomad kids learning

They attract families from USA, UK, Israel, Australia and all over Europe like Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain the Scandinavian countries etc. 

Worldschooling  Bansko! travel kids horse back riding in mountains soultravelers3

They had about 40 families last year, but expect about 70 this winter! They not only have great educational and social opportunities for the kids, but for the whole family. 

Worldschooling  Bansko! soultravelers3 travel families going out to dinner together

This mother daughter team  have worked hard to create something special and some return every winter, as more new people also discover this opportunity. 

Worldschooling Bansko! soultravelers3 world school hub in Bulgaria

Some are long term worldschool families, some are travel families just doing a year of travel and roadschooling, some are homeschooling families just testing the water and like the skiing and exotic Bulgarian culture aspect. 

Worldschooling  Bansko! winter ski hub for travel families

It has worked so well with Bansko, that they have expanded it and are doing a Netherlands worldschool pop up this November. Contact them soon if you are interested or pass it on to friends who might be. 

Worldschooling  Bansko! and world scool Holland
They are also doing a cool, worldschooling teen program called IQ Teen Camp in both Netherlands and Bansko. 

Worldschooling  Bansko! special teen program in holland and bansko
Check them out and spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested!!

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