Americans Van Life in Europe 2022!

January 25, 2022

Americans van life in Europe 2022

As pioneer Digital Nomads & super early VanLife explorers, award-winning bloggers, viral travel Youtubers, & case study in The 4-Hour Workweek , we're super excited to announce that we are headed back to Europe this spring to share more adventures with you! We love and miss the joys of camping Europe and can't wait to restore our vintage camper and share our journey with you! 

We've been focused on our daughter Heavenly Reyna, but she has now launched, so it is time for us to explore "boomer" travel as a couple, although I am sure she will come and visit too. Our RV is stored inside near Barcelona & we have not seen it since our mother daughter trip & her 10 city solo concert tour.

Van life in Europe
We've been talking on the phone and emailing our contacts in Europe and lining things up for this trip and new way of living. It looks like we will start in our favorite campsite near Barcelona as it is right next to where our camper is stored and we have wonderful local friends there. We have many things all lined up and are looking for the right mechanic to help us since it has been stored for a decade, so we need to be careful as we start it up and bring everything up to date.  

Van life at our favorite campground near Barcelona
I was so excited to talk last night to the RV and camping expert who sold us our 94 Ford Rimor back in 2005/6 as he knows all about campers, vans and RV's as he has been selling, renting, repairing them since 1972 and he thinks it will do great because we have maintained it so well and there are many older vintage campers on the road there! Ford Rimor's are very sturdy and it will be easy to replace & update anything we need. 

Americans van life in Europe
Counting down the days & lining everything up behind the scenes for this major transition and move back to Europe, digital nomad, minimalist, tiny home van life! Stay tuned as we take you along for the ride & share all we learn along the way!

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Congratulations on your new transition- will be very interested to hear what you think of the changes, good and bad since you last lived the RV lifestyle in Europe!


Aww, thanks so much!! Amazing that your European camper trip in Europe helped us so much before we took off in 2006 and here we still are!! And now you have added a boat too which is wonderful and inspiring.

I will definitely keep you and everyone posted about the changes and I am curious too. Things did not seem different at all in 2017, but covid brings a whole new level.

Our good friend and expert who has been selling and renting RV/vans, campers since 1972 in Europe said they are VERY, VERY popular now because of covid. Many see it as a safe way to travel.

We will have to relearn things a bit too as it's been a long time since we drove our camper. Since we do not have to educate a kid a long the way, we will be carrying MUCH less books & have more free time to relax!! :)

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