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December 17, 2011

Our Motorhome in Europe

Most American's don't realize that one of the best and cheapest ways to see Europe is with a motorhome, van or small RV. A motorhome is a especially useful and ideal for families, couples or small group of friends as they are both transportation and accommodation and one of the best ways to meet other Europeans. We travel the world on just $23/day per person and you can too!

An RV also makes it easier because one can move onto different regions and countries without packing and unpacking. Motorhomes are especially nice for long term travel in Europe and buying ours was one of our best decisions on our world tour to keep costs down and give us more freedom. It makes an ideal vehicle, home and storage unit for when we spend our summers exploring Europe and we can store it there in a covered place for very cheap.

Since we have traveled Europe for 5 years, we know all the top and cheapest luxury campsites and how to avoid the crowds in Europe even in high season. This photo of our RV was taken when we visited Heidelberg, Germany and we are parked here in the center of town next to one of the main plazas, although we often just use the excellent mass transit from the campgrounds or bike to get around.

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Melissa Read (readontheroad

One of my favorite topics, and I agree the only sane way to travel long term. It's wonderful to have your little house inside, while the scenery changes outside as often as you choose.

Jeanne Soultravelers3

So right Melissa! We haven't tried it yet much in the USA ( did do a bit in Mexico too) but it is absolutely the best way to see Europe. Love it always!

wellness coach

That picture makes me so jealous! We would LOVE to RV, but we have pets. They have traveled with us all over the world, but we always stay in a house and travel with them can make it expensive. Still, we would LOVE to RV in Europe!!

Jeanne soultravelers3

Actually RV's are a great way to travel with pets and many do that! We run into tons of folks with pets in their RV's ...dogs, cats and others.

We use to travel with our cat in a small RV in the USA and Mexico.

I know of two women who traveled with 2 cats in their RV long term in Europe ( over a year).

All or almost all campgrounds allow pets and there are also many places in Europe where there is free camping.

So if you'd love to RV Europe..then know that it can be done with pets. ;)

sleepaway camp

There is quite nothing like the European wilderness. I have experience camping in Serbia, Hungary and the Alps. These places are great.

Lorena Cagnotti

I'm searching about RV trips in Europe and came to your blog.

Is there any post where you wrote about driving license, buy in Europa a caravan or something similar?

Thanks! I am looking forward to read about your travels.

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