Ready for Post-Pandemic Boomer Empty Nest Travel?

October 20, 2021

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Who else has been itching to travel? As brand new empty nesters we are ready to roam the world again & get back to travel blogging here! After being confined for so long because of the pandemic, AARP revealed that 54% of boomers plan to travel in 2021 & likely many more in 2022. We have a lot of news to share so will get a lot more active here, on Soultravelers3 facebook page and Soultravelers3 group, plus start an Instagram etc so we can take you along with us! 

California travel - malibu
Between helping Heavenly launch with her music & acting career as well as covid, we have been just traveling nearby in California lately as there is plenty of beauty right here. We love Europe, so we are planning to do more extensive travel there soon. We still have our camper in covered storage in Barcelona, so we are looking into doing a cool budget revamp! 

I love this budget renovation of a similar camper ( although ours is 1994 European one and this is a 1979 American one) that I found on Live a Wilder Life. They did it all for under 650 dollars! Both of these campers are bigger than ours, but gives you the idea we are going for. This second photo is from Poverbs31girl blog & it is closer to our set up where our table is directly across from our kitchen area ( and was done for 500 dollars) with 2 small beds in back near bathroom ( but a little different set up)!  

We are making plans now and will blog about the process as we do it here and on Youtube and social media. 

Soultravelers3 camper van Europe
Are you ready for some more adventure stories about travel and camping in Europe?

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