#MozartIgniteTour in Europe & Mozart Dee's Keynote Speech

June 05, 2017

Mozart's amazing tour of Europe #MozartIgniteTour

16 year old child prodigy, Mozart Dee is ready for the world to hear her new music and jets off on a European summer Tour   (#MozartsIgniteTour ) from Los Angeles this week hitting such cities as London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Barcelona, Paris, Girona, Marseille, Malaga and Marbella. 

Travel planning

Traveling the world is something she knows a lot about as she has been to 48 countries on 5 continents, spending the last 10 years as a non-stop digital nomad and is already filling up her 3rd passport. She has performed at Carnegie Hall, Four Seasons, House of Blues, Six Flags and more ,but this is her first European tour. 

Mozart Dee passports - filled 3 at 16

After arriving in London, she will begin the tour with a performance on June 8th at the prestigious Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art, also a talk and concert at a large private school in Newcastle and then on June 9th being the youngest Keynote Speaker at the distinguished Tech on the Tyne Conference talking about her unique world schooling education and how growing up global has impacted her creativity, languages and career. 

Mozart was a Keynote Speaker at the NAACE Conference in 2015 and Mozart Dee was asked to do a TED talk last December in the UK by educators interested in her one-of-a-kind education. 


Mozart Dee Keynote speech

Over 300 people will be attending this Conference so Mozart is very honored to have been invited. Martin Bailey from Animate to Educate has created this magnificent event with some of the best speakers in the world on Primary Computing and Ed Tech. 

After the conference, Mozart will go to Edinburgh and then down to London for concert and speech. 

Mozart Dee is the youngest Keynote Speaker at the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art  at the Tech on the Tyne Conference

The amazing Fuerte Hotel in Estapona is another one of the sponsors for the Mozart Ignite Tour and is near Marbella, Spain. If you look at the map above you can see what a long distance we will cover ( 2926 kilometers or 1818 miles) and most of it by train with a flight in and out of LHR. 

Fuerte Hotel Estapona

It's an area we know well as we wintered for many years in Spain and it is one of our homes. The prestigious and popular paper Sur in English will be doing articles about her concerts in Andalusia and will be honored guests. 

Spain's beautiful beaches in the Costa del Sol in Andalusia

So it will be very exciting for Mozart to perform there in English and Spanish and on her guitar and keyboard on a stage set before a reflecting pool with the sea and palm trees in the distance. We'll live stream all the concerts and speeches as we can ( tech willing). 

Fuerte Hotel Estepona  #fuerteEstepona

 We'll also be returning to Barcelona and performing at the seaside resort we have stayed at over 20 times, usually for long stays, so we have wonderful friends there. 

Barcelona resort

 Nearby Girona and the Costa Brava are on our list ....


  Gäst  Hotel in Girona

 as Mozart will be performing at the beautiful Gäst B&B in Girona

Gäst B&B  in Girona, Spain

with wonderful, peaceful views. Our long time friends from Sweden recommended this place ( and we will be seeing them there) and they let us know that Gäst means guest in Swedish!  

la gloriette B&B in Provence Luberon

 Provence is another area we love and friend Claude Benard who is a contributor on tnoos and runs hotelitour ( we met online about 10 years ago when we began our travel) has been fantastic helping us arrange things.  The photo above is the lovely La Gloriette B&B   where we will be staying and below the beautiful hotel Mas de Grés where we will stay and Mozart will perform. 

Luberon Provence at Le Mas des Grès hotel and restaurant

Can't you just smell the lavender? We have so many happy memories of Provence and this lovely Luberon area, so looking forward to sharing more with you. 

Le Mas des Grès hotel and restaurant in Provence Won't the Mas de Grés make an idea concert location during the evening and lovely to relax and explore the area thanks to Corinne, Rabiha and the wonderful people at Tourismepaca who are helping us. 

  Le Mas des Grès hotel and restaurant in Luberon Provence

 Of course, we can not forget our beautiful village near Malaga in southern Spain. 

  La Casa views in Torrox Spain near Malaga

  We will be staying at the delightful La Casa in the Torrox Pueblo that our long time friend Marianne from East of Malaga recommended. La Casa was featured in a UK television series called the Hotel Inspector. 

La Casa in Torrox Pueblo where Mozart will perform under colorful umbrellas

  The booming La Casa restaurant under colorful umbrellas is where Mozart will perform. 

Spain white villages

We are excited to see the beautiful white villages again

Colorful Andalucia Spain

 and all our friends. So come along with us for the adventure and we we sharing with you as we go on social media and live streaming as much as we can. Who is ready for a trip to Europe filled with concerts, speeches , good people and beautiful places? 

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Adélard Bérubé

Hi! Already avid for news about your tour! I hope everything goes according to plan and that you enjoy yourself! You will meet a lot of lucky people during this trip! Wish I was one of them! Big hugs! Adélard xoxox

Marianne Elizabeth

Really looking forward to welcoming you back to La Axarquía for Mozart's concert at La Casa in Torrox pueblo. Glad to be able to have helped you out - SO looking forward to seeing you all xx

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Hi Adélard!! Thanks for your support! It truly was an amazing tour and better than we could even imagined. It was wonderful meeting so many of Mozart's fans in Europe! One from Germany came all the way to Marbella to see her perform at the Fuerte Hotel that we live streamed. Awesome!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Marianne! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person and your lovely husband!! What a great place and thanks so much for your help. So fun to be back in La Axarquía and Andalucia again! It had been much too long!

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