Teen Singer Mozart's Speech at NAACE Conference to UK Educators!

May 12, 2015

Teen Singer Mozart speech at NAACE conference

14 year old trilingual singer/songwriter Mozart was asked to speak to over 250 UK educators at the NAACE Conference 2015 about her unusual worldschooling education where we allowed the entire planet to be her classroom. 

Mozart has had an education like no one else on earth, so they were interested in getting her perspective since she is a pioneer in what is becoming a growing trend. 


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Mozart the world traveling kid

Mozart was interviewed by Drew Buddie who is an educational technologist and teacher in the UK.

We actually met him about 7 years ago when we were in Spain and Mozart was taking a Johns Hopkins University CTY online course. Finding the English books required in Spain was a challenge, I mentioned it on Twitter and like magic he came to our rescue and sent them from the UK.

  Teen Singer Mozart's Speech at NAACE Conference to UK Educators!

He has always been on the cutting edge  of tech in education, enjoys creativity and our unusual story, so asked Mozart if she would participate via Skype. 

  travel teen and singer Mozart

It went so well, they said, they would ask her back in person next  year! We recorded the Skype session so did a Youtube video to share the experience with all.

Mozart exploring museums around the world

Things have changed greatly since we started our location independent lifestyle in 2005 and took off to Europe in 2006. No smart phones then or social media, we had to start out with a huge portable satellite!

  Teen Singer Mozart's Speech at NAACE Conference to UK Educators!

Nevertheless, tech, the internet and social media had a huge impact on our trip and her education. We never expected these changes when we left. 

  Teen Singer Mozart learning around the world

Mozart shared about her song You’re Not Alone that is going to be in a movie soon! She wrote it to help the cause of Human Trafficking.

Her song Ashes is also going to be in a movie, the same one she is starring in and that shoots in May and June. 


She has a new fast song out called Round The world which is about to be released thanks to the help she is getting from fans on her GoFundMe ( that you are welcome to participate in!). 

Travel kid Mozart playing violin in  a gondola in Venice

We didn’t know how her education would affect her, but we see now that her travels, her languages ( fluent Mandarin and Spanish) and unusual education has had a huge effect on her music and a blossoming career that is taking off early. 

  Teen Singer Mozart's Speech at NAACE Conference to UK Educators!


We're about to enter a new paradigm as we try to ride 3 horses, continue travel, support Mozart in making her first album and budding acting career plus prepare for her going to Harvard or similar university as she starts 9th grade this fall. 

Thankfully we have Author and former Brown Dean Joyce Reed and Gail Lewis of College Goals to help us navigate this as a homeschool, or rather Worldschool family! 

 For us, her world schooling education and our travels were the best decisions of our lives, so I hope we can inspire others to do their own version and encourage schools to find ways to be more expansive. 



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Great post! But there are actually lots and lots of people on earth who educate their children this way.

jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Susan!! Glad you like the post!

But, Really? Neither the educators nor I have every heard of another child who has been educated like Mozart. I do know a few families that have done some traveling and homeschooling, but I've never met one that has been doing it non-stop for 10 years to 47 countries and raised a child to be literate and fluent as a native in Mandarin and Spanish ( languages the parents don't speak) nor combined homeschooling and a few dips into local schools for languages from 5 to 14. Never met one who also traveled the world this long with a piano and violin ( then added a guitar and didgeridoo) & wrote two songs in movies at 14 and done several major speeches like this.Mozart just got a High Honors Award from Johns Hopkins University CTY program for having a higher SAT at 13 than 96% of seniors who take the test and has been blessed to get A's in so many classes she took with them around the world. Please point me to any child with this education!! Mozart had a truly unique education geared just to her needs and interests unlike anyone on earth. Please tell me where all these children are as we'd love to meet them!! I don't think there has been anyone else who so thoroughly has used the earth as their classroom so literally. Few people are willing to take the risks & sacrifice what we did to allow for such. Yes, there are many homeschooled children, & some travel, but never one quite like this.

Izy Berry

Great Post!! Mozart is an example of how you can have fun studying, i always think that study has to be fun not boring.

Izy Berry - The Wrong Way Home

Very interesting article, with new and unknown aspects of life. Thanks!

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