B.madebybebe Gives Teen Singer Mozart Glamour Makeup & Hair!

April 21, 2015

SINGER Mozart getting glamour makeup

Remember Grammy Weekend Red Carpet Event where 14 year old Mozart sang her song Ashes and You're Not Alone? That led Mozart to start preparing for her first album with a top LA producer, a dramatic lead in a movie playing a violin prodigy and using her song Ashes as the centerpiece of the soundtrack! 

Teen singer Mozart at Grammy Weekend performance  looking stunning


Isn't it astonishing that she already has two songs about to be in movies? We're definitely on the adventure of our lives! ( She also just signed with a production company for a TV show!!). 


But these kinds of dreams don't happen with out help and I want to acknowledge our partner and friend, the amazing B.madebybebe  who did a spectacular job on her make up and hair. 

Teen Mozart getting makeup done by B.Madebybebe

Bebe Tran is a beautiful person inside and out and a talented artist in many ways as she has a degree in Fashion Design, plus does both hair and make up brilliantly. She is also an expert at eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery ( although we did not try that). 

Teen singer getting hair and makeup done for a big red carpet performance


She is the ultimate professional who always keeps her calm and makes everyone feel relaxed as she goes about creating a miracle before your eyes. 

Did you see Mozart's Get Ready With Me Youtube video where she shares all the details? Subscribe to our Soultravelers3 channel!

It was a lot of fun to watch the transformation of 14 year old, 80lb Mozart from young teen to glamorous women for her big performance. 

teen singer Mozart getting make up done

Mozart was very excited to try out this new look as she usually wears no make up.

Teenage singer Mozart surrounded by cameras in the makeup studio

She had 3 photographers and a videographer capture the moment, including the amazing David Loi

close up doing eye makeup on Mozart

We were all quite amazed and learned a lot in the process. 

beautiful teen singer Mozart

And there were plenty of laughs and fun!

teen singer Mozart, Bebe Tran & David Loi in makeup studio

Mozart prefers natural nails so she buffed them to a high shine.

Blonde teen Mozart buffing nails at photo shoot & makeup session

Bebe gave her a smoky eye in a shade of dusky purple to bring out her eyes.

Teen singer Mozart gets make up by B.madebyBebe

She explained the process as she went along. 

beautiful teen singer Mozart getting makeup done

Mozart has a ton of blonde hair, down past her waist, ideal thickness and natural wave, so Bebe gave it a perfect Victoria Secret Angel look that David captured in his photos....

teen singer Mozart's long blonde hair is perfect

... as well as a detailed look at her eye make up. 

Teen singer Mozart has beautiful eyes

Mozart put on her gold and diamond sparkling earrings to top things off...

Teen traveler and singer Mozart

....and David caught one of my favorite mother and daughter pictures capturing her hair & our relationship in a unique way.

Teen singer Mozart shows her stunning long blonde hair

Mozart loved what she saw in the mirror ...

Travel teen and singer Mozart looks into the mirror & loves new makeup

...and was ready for her big performance in no time. Her friends gasped at seeing her and everyone said she looked like a doll or reminded them of a young Taylor Momsen. 

Mozart had so much fun, she wanted to do it every night, but this was just a peek into the future, she is still just a homeschool teen about to start her first year of high school this fall. Exciting times!

She has a huge performance at House of Blues for Music Business executives end of May and  B.madebybebe will be in charge of hair and make up again, so stay tuned!

Beautiful teen singer Mozart performing at Grammy Red Carpet show

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