How to Get on TV

June 24, 2013

Getting on TV regularly- fun for a cute kid

What is the secret for getting on TV? Today, everyone's a reality TV star from American Idol to The Amazing Race, so just applying might be the easiest way. Or perhaps the secret to getting on TV is just doing what you love and willing to be different.

It was never part of our plan for our family world trip, but in our almost 8 years of non-stop travel, we've managed to be on TV all over the world multiple times and unlike most travel bloggers, we've never sent out one press release.

We were interviewed by the BBC in London, FOX TV in the USA., on Japanese show while in Croatia with a top star, on Hong Kong TV and China TV, BBC around the world and more. These opportunities seem to come to us out of thin air, but it has added to the fun and world school learning for Mozart's primary years.

Cool too that our first Soultravelers3 Youtube video went viral ( almost 2 million views) and has been seen on TV around the world many times.We've been blessed with many viral travel videos.

One of the most fun TV interview times was during Chinese New Year in Penang when we were doing multigenerational travel. Just for kicks and travel memories, we had my mom and Mozart wear traditional dress ( Cheongsum) and had no idea we would attract so much attention.

Being interviewed by TV News Reporter

Mozart and my 84 year old mother were treated like rock stars and ended up on several international TV shows and in  several papers. Mozart got to talk in fluent Mandarin to a huge Chinese audience. Every where they went people wanted to take photos of them or with them. It actually really added to the magic of the day and a lasting, unique, special travel memory that will stay with us forever.

Have you been on TV?

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Nomad Traveller

It looks like a piece of cake to appear in tv :) I don't think here in Italy they are so eager to interview travellers!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

I guess it is just luck NT, because it has not been the norm where ever we have been and landed on TV either.

I suppose some of it is because we are a family and doing it so long, so very unusual. Americans don't tend to travel this long, to this many countries or educate their kids as trilinguals. ;)

I think we actually could get a LOT more TV interviews if we worked on it with press releases etc, but that is not our goal.

In 84 years, my mother never had been on TV or had such an experience, so some of it is just fate I suppose.

We were as surprised as anyone. In this case it was the traditional dresses as I guess the locals were honored that we were celebrating one of their biggest holidays. The crowd was HUGE, but I suppose they stood out as non-Asians in traditional dress.

We just did it for our family, so didn't expect the world to notice and appreciate it.

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