How My Almost Teen Became a Model

January 09, 2013

My almost teen becoming a model

What pretty young girl doesn't dream about becoming a model? When I was sixteen, I was asked to model by a reporter for our local paper and ended up on the Sunday cover in color and half the front page.

That eventually led to modeling in San Francisco and to a contract with Ford Models, in New York City, the largest and most prestigious modeling agency in the world. Through that, I  also worked for almost a year in Europe based in Italy at a top sister agency, where I learned the ropes, built my portfolio, studied photography, fashion,  and discovered the joy of world travel.

Modeling agency people approaching my daughter

That first job was shocking to me, out of the blue, totally flattering and gave me confidence. Now it seems it is my just-turned-twelve year old daughter's turn as she begins to blossom as an almost teen.

With her pretty long blond hair, our fashionista tends to get lots of attention no matter where we are when she is out ...even in California, just walking with her grandmother, she has stopped traffic.

modeling agency woman talking to my daughter in Chinese

Because of this and being a Caucasian she was often treated like a celebrity in China, with people staring and wanting photos of her or with her, but when real modeling agency reps wanted her to model, she was startled and tickled pink. She was certainly happy that she was fluent in Mandarin because they didn't speak any English!  It was our first day in Beijing and we had to go to the Apple store for a small problem and they came up to her with the modeling proposals.

Discussing modeling in China

She ended up in the local paper, but we were too busy on our China Vacation for many modeling jobs. She will be a little older when we return so we'll look into it more then because she wants to experience more of it. We emphasize heart and brain focus in our family first and foremost, but creative expression  as well as beauty inside and out is also something to honor, enjoy and be grateful for.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” Khalil Gibran

One just never knows what can happen out of the blue on a trip around the world! Our daughter made her film debut in Croatia with Japanese star Maako, been interviewed on BBC TV in England, as well as BBC world TV  another time, Fox TV in Florida, Hong Kong TV and more.

Has anyone approached you to model? Or would you like that? These are related videos everyone should watch:


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John Tsoi

Can wait to see your video
When does it come out?

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Hey John,

What video do you mean? We have over 50 videos on Youtube and put them up fairly regularly -

I linked to some that she has been on ( don't have the Hong Kong TV that was done last year for Chinese New Year).

More coming on Youtube soon and she does "mozart videos" regularly on her ipod, so we thinking of letting her have her own channel now for those videos.

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