Mozart Sings at the House of Blues!

October 16, 2014

Mozart Sings at the House of Blues!

Beautiful teen singer Mozart sang and played keyboard for her amazing set at the House of Blues and the crowd loved it. She was the youngest one but blew us away with her sweet, powerful voice and star-level charisma.

 This is a video of one of the songs she sang called " We Own The Night" by The Wanted and we will be putting more of them on our Youtube Channel, so make sure you subscribe!

Mozart Sings at the House of Blues!

It is amazing how comfortable Mozart is on stage as she makes it all look easy, ( this was her very first set) so it just becomes more clear every day that this kid has a destiny and calling. Many exciting things are happening behind the scenes & she is working hard.

House of Blues - Mozart singing like an angel

She is lucky to be a homeschool kid who can spend most of her day and nights improving her singing and musicianship, dancing, acting and songwriting this last year before high school and doing as much performing as possible.

Mozart - beautiful teen singer, songwriter, musician at only 13

It's a little mind-blowing for us parents as we shift our lives around once more as we follow this kid's lead.

Mozart Sings at the House of Blues- beautiful blonde teen with the voice of angel

It's a whole new journey on so many levels as we follow her teenage passions and find ourselves out at night in famous "live" music venues being a bit awestruck by her talents and the audience reactions.

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Margaret Sch

I can totally imagine your being awestruck by her great talents in these types of settings! You may wonder, "Where did this come from?" and obviously she has it and has absorbed a great deal of self-confidence from the many situations she's been in where she was allowed to shine. What a journey you all are on!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Margaret! Yes, I do wonder sometimes where this comes from as she is so new to all of this and has come so far so quickly. Interestingly, other people have mentioned how her unique travel life does have an impact, but I hadn't really thought of that, but I suppose it is true.

Also when we look back at her babyhood and early years, we can see how she always loved music and performing, but she had many talents so it is kind of a surprise that this one is becoming dominant now in her teen years.

What an amazing journey our kids take us on, eh?

I love how we keep learning right along with her!! ;)


Wow Mozart you are doing great! So proud of you and your parents for supporting your talents!! This is so inspiring and I think some day you will be very famous, so keep going!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Aw, thanks so much Lucy for your sweet and encouraging words!!

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