Blonde American Girl Singing Chinese! 甜蜜蜜

October 07, 2014

Mozart - Blonde American Girl Singing Chinese!

In Asia or the USA, people seem shocked to see a blonde girl sing or speak Chinese, so Mozart is used to that by now. She is grateful to be a bridge between cultures. Her Youtube fans have been requesting that she sing in Mandarin, so here it is:

It was a thrill for her that her very first paid singing gig was in Asia, when she was twelve, singing in Mandarin at a big traditional Chinese wedding.

Blonde American Girl Singing in Mandarin at a Chinese wedding in Asia

Then, when we arrived in Dallas from Asia, there was a spring festival in the local Chinatown and Mozart sang there for a large crowd.

teen Mozart - Blonde American Girl Singing Chinese!

 Interestingly, it was very close to where we randomly picked to live.

Mozart - Blonde American Girl Singing Chinese!


In some ways it was startling deja vu for us, having just left Asia....


 dallas chinatown


.....that suddenly, in the middle of Dallas, we were instantly back in Asia.

dallas ChinaTown

It looked like a typical, Dallas or USA mall, until you saw the lettering everywhere and noticed everyone was Asian and the statues, decorations and such were all Asian.

Dallas Chinese paper

Suddenly, we knew where to get the Chinese news in Dallas....

Dallas Chinese community center

....and where to find Chinese cultural opportunities.

Dallas Chinese community center

The Dallas Chinese Community Center sponsored this festival I believe and hosts events year round, so Mozart will likely sing again there.

Mozart writes songs in Mandarin, Spanish and English and knows some Mandarin Pop songs as well. ( She was the youngest finalist in a singing contest at 12 in her 1000-kid Chinese school in Asia which is part of what gave us a heads up to this passion of hers).

Mozart in China town

We enjoyed the food and activities too after she sang.

festival food at Dallas Chinese community center

It was lovely to connect with the Chinese community in Dallas. There seem to be many people here from both Beijing and Taiwan, so thankfully, Mozart has people to talk to in Chinese!

We want to thank Mandarin teacher Tracy Lin, who has been exceptionally nice and helpful to us.


It was also interesting to see how far Mozart has come with her singing in this short time period. Here is a clip from a performance last week at the House of Blues. 

If you're in Dallas, don't miss her on Friday, October 10th at the Opening Bell Coffee House at 10pm!

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