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April 03, 2014

Travel kid Mozart doing Middle School around the world - in China for Mandarin

Are there advantages to homeschooling with travel around the world? Do you have to be rich to homeschool around the world? Can you homeschool high school and middle-school combined with world travel?

Musical travel teen Mozart in Sydney playing didgeridoo


I loved this brilliant article in The Atlantic, "Paris Was My Middle-school classroom" and appreciate that they mentioned and linked to our Soultravelers3 blog.

Travel kid Mozart in Europe - learning by doing


I thought the author, Ms. Burton made some excellent, specific points about how that experience had enhanced her learning and life path, thanks to the advantages and freedom of travel schooling.

Travel teen Mozart doing science experiment at Perot science museum - unschool middle school


I was quite surprised by the many negative comments. Although they acknowledged that this was indeed, an amazing way to learn, most said it was ONLY available for the very rich who are  born with a "silver spoon".

Travel teen Mozart art gallery and museum hopping  in Santa Fe


It saddens me that even today, so few realize how possible and easy this is if one WANTS to give their child this kind of exemplary education. They should listen to our travel kid's advice in 13 year old Mozart's inspiring speech at the Global Education Conference or her opinion on why travel with kids.

travel kid Mozart feeding turtles in Bora Bora - travel homeschool at it's best

So of course, I had to comment from our experience and hope it encourages others to think differently to find their own way for more freedom in educating their kids..even on a tiny budget.

This is what I wrote:

Musical travel teen Mozart singing at a popular venue


You certainly have a valid point, but I can tell you that this and more IS available to MANY more ordinary people than is often realized and is a growing trend. I just discovered this because we were mentioned in this article.

Travel kid Mozart exploring the Himalayas in Bhutan

Today, most can work, live, school ANY where if they want to ( if you can work at home, you can work in Rome!) and traveling the world to educate your child can actually be MUCH cheaper than living in the USA.

travel teen Mozart exploring Pueblo ancient archeology site near Santa Fe


We're not just doing middle school in Paris and Italy, we've been on an open ended world tour to educate our daughter around the world ( 46 countries on 5 continents) the last 8 plus years ( her entire primary years from 5 years to 13) on just $23/day per person!

Fashionista travel teen Mozart enjoying luxury on her 13th birthday in Sydney


We're monolingual parents and she is fluent-as-a-native trilingual/triliterate in Mandarin, Spanish and English and will soon add French.

Mozart, travel tween, learning about Terra Cotta Army in Xi'an China - middle school meanderings


She is a talented musician too, so the first kid since Mozart to do extensive world travel with a violin and piano ( and just added the didgeridoo in Sydney and a guitar in California).

Musical travel teen Mozart playing violin at a performance in Asia


She is already far beyond age peers in her education ( just completed a senior year high school class online in Asia with Johns Hopkins University CTY ...on a scholarship...and got an A, will soon easily test out of AP Mandarin and AP Spanish classes for both high school and college credit), has much more free time than most tweens, has become a budding entrepreneur teaching her 3 languages to adults and kids around the world since 12 with a long waiting list, is writing a kids book series about each country she has been to and got her first paid singing gig at a huge Chinese wedding in Asia singing in Mandarin, won a Mandarin Elocution contest in a 1000-kid Chinese high school and recently was the youngest presenter at the Global Educational Conference.

travel tween Mozart doing algerbra and geometry homeschool  in Asia - making geeky faces with fake glasses and  dad


It's true that many wealthy folks are putting their kids ( like Suri Cruise) in traveling immersion schools that focus on Mandarin, Spanish fluency and cultural advantages of long term travel as an educational aid for 21st century kids in our shrinking world, BUT if you don't happen to have the 80 grand a year that takes, with a little creativity and open mindedness, you can do even better on your own, have more time with your kid and enjoy a more free life... living outside of the box.

Travel tween Mozart exploring Petra by Camel - homeschooling around the world


Neither world class travel or a world class education has to be expensive. I didn't know this was possible before we did it, but I can tell you that it was absolutely the best decisions of our lives! Instead of assuming it can't be done, start reading things like the 4Hour Workweek ( we were case studies in it) and finding ways to make it happen if you have this kind of dream for your child.

travel teen Mozart meditating at the Grand Canyon - Middle School homeschooling around the world

Trust me, this great Goodman quote is NOT normal ( and you don't have to be rich to live a rich life):

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and
driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in
order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and
the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”

Travel tween Mozart surfing in Hawaii in North Shore Kauai - travel homeschool or world school lifestyle

What do you think? Do you find ways to use travel and multicultural experiences to enrich your child's education and life experience? Or is this only for the most wealthy?

Like every life, not every moment has been perfect bliss with nary a problem, but we are all extremely grateful for the risks and choices we have made as an ordinary family, to educate our child and have more time together.

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Sounds wonderful!
I don't know if you saw my email, but I made a Skype account, thanks!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Abbie! Got your email and I hope you and Mozart can skype in Mandarin! ;)


So inspired by this. What a wonderful gift you have given your daughter. We have a 21 month old who loves to learn and we are encouraging his espanol but it can be difficult at times and this has encouraged us greatly.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Happy to hear this Emma and thanks for your kind words! Good for you for encouraging language learning with your little one!!

Yes, it can be challenging, but it is worth the effort. You might like my tips for raising a multilingual kid series here:

My Bilingual baby post ( shows Mozart's Spanish when she was about the same age as your son):

Or about reading in 3 languages:

I have lots of posts about Mozart's language learning journey that should help you...just use the search feature and I have some in the FAQ part.

Babies and young children can learn languages so quickly, but can also lose them just as quickly, so just keep up daily exposure and commitment.

The days are long with babies, but the years are short, so you will be amazed how fast the time will zip by....your baby will be a teen in a do it now...and enjoy every moment. ;)


Do you have any thoughts on this type of lifestyle with kids who have learning differences? Have you encountered any families dealing with this on your travels? We have 4 kids and only one of them has difficulties.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Good question Mamaellie! Mozart has learning differences/special needs and was a big part of our reason to do this lifestyle.

We find this gives us more more flexibility, but I do not have experience with a child who has difficulty learning ( but she does have things like SI issues).

Yes, there ARE other traveling families that have dealt with special needs of various kinds from kids in wheel chairs, to kids who are slow academically and also some autistic.

Here is a good one, she might be able to help guide you:

I knew a single mom of 5 adopted bi-racial kids ( born as drug babies) who has done it and I think those kids had some learning challenges.

I don't have personal experience with it, but I would think that whether a child is gifted, average or special needs, they would benefit from this travel lifestyle.

I think if there is a will, there is always a way ( and easier than ever today to find help through tech/social media).

Hope that helps!

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