Homeschool Family European Tour

March 06, 2014

Homeschool Family European Tour - fun on the road for curious kids

World as your classroom? We take this literally, so planning our homeschool family European tour to explore more of the richness of our favorite continent, next on our unschool/worldschool agenda.

Can a homeschool family on a budget afford Europe and take advantage of the endless educatonal opportunities there? Absolutely, if one plans ahead, does slow travel and lives like a local.


Homeschool Family European Tour - exploring Europe with kids


Having spent 5 years traveling Europe, on our world tour, we know it well, exploring more of Europe than most Europeans. Visiting Paris at 5 is very different than at 10 or 13, so always good reasons to return for a deeper experience on our ultimate famly adventure.

Homeschool Family European Tour - kid on ferry between Greece and Turkey doing math and Greek Myths!


Homeschooling and travel are a perfect pair and going slow enriches families, is cheaper, more educational, better for language learning and prevents travel burnout. We learn more every time we go.

Homeschool Family European Tour - Mozart exploring Europe


Visiting Barcelona 18 plus times in 8 years, (often for months at a time), with dear friends who are locals, makes it one of "homes" and a very different experience than doing a holiday or vacation week or getaway weekend there.

Homeschool Family European Tour - making friends abroad


Having spent several recent years based in Asia for Mandarin fluency, we are missing our Spanish "homes" and friends in Europe. Trilingual Mozart wants to add French to her languages and graduate to a fluent quadrilingual.

Camping Europe - perfect for homeschooling family in Europe


Camping in Europe is fabulous, cheap and luxurious. We think buying our motorhome in Europe in 2005 was one of our wisest choices on our world tour and it makes a great home/vehicle/storage unit to explore with and keep in Europe.


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Now, we’d love to hear from YOU:

Do you have questions about traveling with kids? Need some advice on homeschooling in Europe? What are some of your favorite tips for simplifying travel schooling with kids?

Please leave a note in the comments!

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Steven Garrett

That is actually the coolest thing I ever heard of. Home schooling your kids all over the world in different cultures and new languages. Awesome!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Steven! It is a ball and actually easier than most people realize.

We've done our daughter's entire primary years like this and are happy to be starting her middle school and high school years as a world traveling family.

This also gives us a very low carbon it is also a green way to live.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

I see you are into green things Steven, so thought you'd get a kick out of the fact that we have a solar panel on our motorhome in Europe! ;)

The mass transit is so good in Europe that we are actually mostly parked and use our bicycles and mass transit the most.

We miss our outdoor living in nature too!


Happy to hear Mozart joined an orchestra. Did she audition, or did she just join? If she auditioned, great job! Hope to see you next week(:

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Abbie! She had to audition ( which we did not know ahead of time) and played the violin, piano and sang in Mandarin for the conductor and a small crowd.

We can talk about it next week!


This looks like quite the adventure! We're trying to settle down in our abode in the US, but as a fellow traveler raising my daughter bilingually, it's always interesting to read about other folks' experiences. Keep on adventuring!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Welcome to our blog Mike! I remember those early days, so I salute you in raising your baby in a bilingual way!

You might want to check out my series about how to raise a bilingual child as I gave lots fo tips about what has worked for us:

Monolinguals can raise fluent as a native bilingual kids or even polyglots but it DOES take much effort and consistency for MANY years because kids can lose language as quickly as they pick them up.

So good luck and know it is so worth the effort!

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