Best Classes or Tutor for Spanish, English or Mandarin in Penang

September 09, 2013

Best Classes or Tutor for Spanish, English or Mandarin in Penang

Looking for private language lessons in Spanish, English or Mandarin for you or your child in Penang? Yes you can learn Spanish in Penang or improve your English in Penang or learn Mandarin...all for a cheap price and with a native speaker.

“A different language is a different vision of life.”-Federico Fellini

LEARN LANGUAGES IN PENANG - 学中文 - Aprende Español

teach kids languages - give them the world!


Since she is young, Mozart is starting out just charging 10 ringgit (MYR)  an hour for one-on-one private lessons and already has glowing recommendations. This is her first job and she is learning entrepreneurial skills by doing and taking advantage of her talents.

Mozart is our homeschooled or world schooled American trilingual teen who has lots of free time and loves teaching Spanish, English or Mandarin and is especially good with kids, tweens or teens.

This is her Curriculum Vitae, she recently won a Mandarin Elocution contest at her 1000 kid Chinese High School, won an English Elocution contest at 10, has been speaking English, Spanish and Mandarin from birth and has traveled the world to 45 countries on 5 continents so far.

Fun language classes for kids in Mandarin, English and Spanish


We have raised her as a triligual in Spanish,English and Mandarin starting in the womb ( despite being monolingual parents) and she reads and writes well in all three languages. She has attended private and public English schools in America, local Spanish school in Spain for 4 years and Mandarin Chinese schools in Beijing and Penang, but is now homeschooling in all three languages.

She is at a 5th grade level reading and writing in Mandarin, college level in English and about a 6th grade level in Spanish reading and writing.

Bilingual babies love to learn languages early and it makes them smarter!


She has also had experience with private tutors from the time she was a toddler for language in both Spanish and Mandarin, so understands that from both sides, on what makes a good teacher and fun learning experience.

Fun language classes for kids in Spanish, English and Mandarin


We're centrally located in Tanjung Tokong in Penang near Tesco, so it's very convenient to drop your child off after school for an enriching language class to immerse in Spanish, English or Mandarin in fun ways. She has a very flexible schedule during the week and weekends from mornings through the evenings, so just let us know what time and days are best for you.

Learning languages helps kids learn about the world and connect deeply


She also teachers some people online, mostly through Skype, Facetime or QQ, so let us know if you would prefer those options where you could live anywhere.

kids learning languages in fun ways!


Leave a comment here if you are interested or contact us via our contact page which goes directly to our email address. Or you can even contact us on Twitter or our Facebook page if that is easier for you.

We are so proud that her three languages have also helped her become an entrepreneur at 12, teaching people languages ( from 4 to 30 years old, including a geophysicist) in person and on Skype over 3 continents with rave reviews due to her enthusiasm and experience. She loves her students!

Don't miss this great opportunity!

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Wonderful Mozart!! I wish I knew that my girls would sit still for this, I would absolutely hire her for Spanish! We are currently staying in Ireland and language options are limited here. I am also monolingual so I'm not much help.

Heidi Wagoner

Oh this is fantastic! I love the entrepreneur kids. I should have Lars and Anya have her provide Spanish tutor lessons. Even though we are here in Spain, it would be great for them to just chat with someone that is trilingual. Go Mozart!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Cricket,

I hear ya. If your kids are young maybe try it with facetime...they seem to like to do skype better on a hand held that they can move with ...and maybe do a shorter time period.

10 riggits/hour is just $3.00 US/hr so if you break that down to several 15 minute or 30 minute calls during the week...could work.

Check out my series om raising a multilingual kid...even in an all English environment.

You'd be surprised at ways you can create immersion environments even for little ones!

Little ones start with lots of Mozart in the video...which is always fun for them!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Heidi...they'd probably have a ball together!


Hi Jeanne - is Mozart still doing tutoring via Skype? If she is, could you contact me please? Thanks AussieDoc

jeanne @soultravelers3

Yes AussieDoc, Mozart is still teaching her classes...and even I am impressed at how good she is with all ages. ;) Happy, she is getting great response from her students and their parents too.

We are no longer in Asia, so she is doing those clients online now.

She has been doing clients online via Skype on 3 continents from the beginning and picks up local clients in person whenever we are at a base.

I can contact you hopefully via this post and feel free to also reach us via our contact page any time which goes directly to our email!

Verity Boxall

Does Mozart still offer Spanish lessons online to little kids?

Jeanne @soultravelers3

YES! Verity ( LOVE your name), Mozart is still teaching and would love to have another Spanish student.

We are in Texas now, so for some folks, the time zone now is much better.

Please contact us from our contact page here on our blog:

That goes right to our email and she can set it up.


It's fantastic that Mozart has learned so much whilst travelling around the world. Immersing yourself in the language is really the best way to learn. We have struggled to bring our children up to be bilingual despite dad being a Cantonese speaker and mum an English speaker. With dad working a 60 hour week time spent with the kids has been really limited. Your experiences as a family are truly inspirational.I hope we can learn from you.

Deepika Arora

mandarin language tutoring by Skype! I am really impressed that you are providing teaching classes for all 3 languages.I am from India and our company requires people who can provide us help in translating the documents in Spanish,Russian, English.


mandarin language tutoring by Skype! I am really impressed that you are providing teaching classes for all 3 languages.I am from India and our company requires people who can provide us help in translating the documents in Spanish,Russian, English.

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