Mozart - Beautiful Teen Singer, Songwriter, Musician

March 11, 2014

Mozart - Beautiful Teenage girl  Singer, Songwriter, Musician

As the beautiful young teenage girl named Mozart, began to sing, I swooned, fell totally in love and got goose bumps!


Okay, this talented teen singer is my 13 year old daughter, an "only" and long-awaited child, so you know I am a shamelessly proud mama, but the audience seemed to have the same reaction and one of the tops in the business remarked on her outstanding charisma and 4 octave vocal style.

The show had an 80's theme, (thus her curly, Pop-star big hair and look), that perhaps added to my partiality. Plus, this is my way of sharing a bit of the show, our process and news with family and friends.


One of the advantages of homeschool or worldschooling, and a travel lifestyle, is a child can follow their passions. So one of the reasons for our being in Dallas now is to allow trilingual Mozart to follow her passions in music and singing/songwriting.

Mozart glowing with joy after she sang and performed - happy kid!

This "world's most traveled child", is most at home on the stage and thrives on performance, be it singing, playing music, public speaking or acting.


Last week ( besides her school work and teaching language jobs), she performed a Pop song onstage at a popular venue in Dallas, auditioned for a world-class conductor and Mandarin-speaking violinist for a Youth Orchestra, and started learning contemporary songwriting techniques from a classically trained expert. So we are very busy and in a music "bootcamp" exploring phase.


I must admit this is all exciting AND intimidating....even overwhelming and scary for her parents who are still trying to figure out how to support her talents AND protect her. It's like she has moved into a new realm now that she is a teen that makes me often feel over my head.

I am really happy to have College Goals on our team with their homeschool experts to help guide us through the maze of teen to college and career so will be writing more about that.


She may be precocious, but she is young, so we have time.... yet her destiny seems to be calling. When I said, "Watch out Shakira" when she was barely six in Spain, I was joking. Now, I am not so sure ( and she loves Shakira's international bilingual example).

Despite Mozart's considerable talents in science and math, her heart seems to be in the arts and singing at the moment, so we will see where this takes us.

My baby is growing up and leading us down new roads!

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Margaret Sch

All I can say is "Gasp!" Speechless for now! Awestruck. Wait for my response after I get some words to express my amazement! (Not surprised but . . wow, and wow!)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

You are too cute and funny Margaret! I am not sure how I have left you speechless, but am looking forward to your input.

As a mother of two multi-talented and musical kids, I hope you can help me with the overwhelm of it all. ;)

Your input on another post about the youth orchestra was very helpful. I thought we had missed the opportunity entirely, but you gave me hope. I am still not sure if we can swing it, but we are going to see if we can.

Mixing travel and music is a challenge we are trying to figure out right now. A bit hard because we are not musicians and have a very tight budget...and she has not had consistent music teachers or even consistent lessons.

Seems like we have to make some choices ...even between time put into piano, violin and singing..or between classic training and contemporary ...not to mention preparing for the SAT this year and keeping up with studies.

Lots of new territory to figure out..I guess this is welcome to the teen years! ;)

Dallas seems to have lots of good and some superior musical opportunities, so one of the reasons we picked it to lean into and gather info by doing. ( Cheaper too than many places...and farms close enough for our special diet etc).

I hope you have more of your usual sage advise! BTW, just heard today that they did build a school with the money that Mozart raised for Pencils of Promise, so Mozart and we were thrilled...thought you'd be happy too. ;) Thanks again for your contribution and help!

Margaret Sch

Mostly I'm just awestruck by her beauty as seen especially in that second photo . . I have been following your family, first on You Tube and later on this blog and on Facebook (tried Twitter but too much trouble for me so don't go there much anymore) . . and it's so hard to believe that she is now at this stage, looking like a gorgeous young lady that she is.

I can see why you may feel there are too many choices but considering how brilliant and self-motivated she is, I suspect that she herself will lead the way . . . but whatever has to "give" a little, she will still hold onto firmly! Just maybe less often.

Not sure if I have any sage advice but I'm just so happy to see how well things are going. The sky is obviously the limit for Mozart and it is so exciting to see it unfolding.

I can't wait til there are other videos to share, showing her current stage of things as a performer.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Aw, thanks so much is amazing how time has flown by, eh?

She was really glowing on stage and afterwards and so happy.

Mozart is still more child than woman, but it certainly is fascinating to watch your baby turn into a woman, so I am very grateful to experience this.

She is definitely leading this so you are right, I can trust that all will unfold perfectly and we will figure it out as we go, step by step. I get overwhelmed by it all at times, but she doesn't seem to. LOL!

We wanted to just give ourselves 6 months for this "bootcamp" in music and then make decisions based on more info.

It was difficult to make such a quick, unexpected, quickly planned turn into a new direction, but it has been worth it.

She has already made great progress and we are all learning LOTS.

We will get more videos up, but right now there is just so much to absorb and we are all working hard.

It's been a bit like jumping on a fast moving quite the a new way.

Margaret Scheirman

From the vantage point of an observer who gets only whatever you post to consider, it surely seems that this current chapter was truly meant to be -- and that all that has gone before has brought you all to the point where you can really appreciate what there is to appreciate and sift out whatever is not worthy of your attention. Very special to read about all these opportunities and dreams-in-the-making!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

You said it all perfectly Margaret! It is sometimes overwhelming as we sort out this whole teen thing and following dreams in a new way, but it also does feel like things are unfolding perfectly and we are being led.

Life's journey..and a parents always such a mystery and joy!

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