Teen Mozart Sings Youtube Adele Cover & More!

September 25, 2014

  Trilingual travel teen and singer Mozart

Trilingual travel teen and singer Mozart loves Adele, so she just did a cover on Youtube of her song, "Rumor has it".


She is loving being a "youtuber" and putting a video up on our YT channel every Friday. Sometimes they are covers like this, sometimes original songs and some times vlogs about travel, languages, fashion, makeup tutorials, DIY projects, teen issues, fun challenges or tags and more.

  Beautiuful trilingual travel teen and singer Mozart  singing and playing piano


She is in 8th grade now ( although taking some college and high school classes) and this year's homeschooling is very creative with a BIG focus on her music. She spends about 5 or 6 hours a day songwriting, singing and working on her music ( guitar, piano, violin, didgeridoo).

  Trilingual travel teen and singer Mozart

She is also doing a lot of live performance gigs that she loves doing, playing piano and singing current hits plus some original songs.


On October 1st she will be doing a 30 minute set at the House of Blues in Dallas around 7:15 if you are in the area.

She will also play at 7:00 pm at the Opening Bell on October 10th.

  Trilingual travel teen and singer Mozart

She is really enjoying being in her Masters Class for singers which is more an Artist Development program and she has top-notch, various teachers for voice, songwriting, piano, choreography, stage presence, social media and more.

One singer from her class is on the Voice this year and one on American Idol which is exciting.

  Trilingual travel teen and singer Mozart  and singing friends

Mozart  is also enjoying the friendships of other young, talented musicians and singers and will likely do some duets and things with some of them on youtube too as well as perform together and songwrite with them.

She's taking other classes too like improv, scene study, dancing etc. and adores it all and getting great response. She loves to perform and explore these arts.

  Trilingual travel teen and singer Mozart  in dance class

Mozart has just started her own Facebook page, so please "like it" as that helps her getting gigs. Thanks so much and big gratitude hugs  to all of you who have done this and support her!! She is thrilled as she watches it grow.

Teen singer, Mozart's Facebook page is called Music by Mozart

We've entered a whole new world! Isn't it amazing the journey your kids take you on??

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Wow, great job Mozart! I liked your new Facebook page and look forward to more of your youtube videos!

Looks like you have an exciting year ahead!!

I'm cheering you on ;)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so so much Liz! We hope to get a lot of music up on youtube and lots of performances this year!!

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