Makeup Artist Terri Tomlinson Gives Mozart Pop-Star Look

July 10, 2014

beautiful teen singer Mozart gets pop star look makeup

 Perfect makeup for teens is a new realm for us, so the best makeup artist in Dallas, Terri Tomlinson gave Mozart her Pop Star look when she performed at the famous Gas Monkey Bar and Grill.

Teen singer/songwriter Mozart was really excited

travel teen and singer Mozart

because  she has never worn makeup and never had make up done by a

teen getting professional makeup

professional makeup artist, but she was about to perform on a large world class stage ( the same one Willie Nelson plays on!)


so we partnered with Terri Tomlinson who has been doing makeup for over 20 years in LA and Dallas.

Terri Tomlinson doing pop star look for singer Mozart

Terri came to us at Hawthorn Suites Addison and brought her chair and magical makeup products and supplies. She has her own makeup line from Paris and is a regular beauty consultant for a Dallas morning show.

how to do make up

She went to work on Mozart and  it was fascinating to watch the transformation

teen singer Mozart getting make up done by Terri Tomlinson

from 13 year old teen to pop star! Wow! Is that my baby?

teen getting professional makeup

Normally, we love her usual all-American girl look with pale porcelain skin and blond Scandinavian no-makeup style,

teen Mozart getting professional makeup done for show

 but she would look too washed out on a big stage without makeup and it was also a big competition

teen getting professional makeup done
against older teen singers, where the total look was important including outfit, hair and makeup,besides her singing and stage presence, because being a singing star today involves the "whole package".

As an unschooled student, she needs and wants to learn all aspects of her craft NOW, by doing (while she also keeps up with things like high SAT scores and AP classes).

  teen getting professional makeup for pop star look

The pop-star look focuses on the eyes and Mozart's are big and the type that change color, sometimes blue, grey, green or even occasionally amberish depending on what she has on and the lighting and surroundings.

teen singer Mozart getting professional makeup done for pop star look

We had no idea what she looked like with make-up on and were truthfully quite surprised at what a big transformation it was.

beautiful natural make up brushes

Mozart is a visual artist too so loved the artistic aspects, thus she plans to do some vlogs on youtube later about make-up, after she learns more from Terri. Even the natural brushes were beautiful!

terri tomlinson doing make up on Mozart

We learned lots of new things like now they have a heated eyelash curler!

teen singer Mozart getting professional makeup for pop star look

I had modeled with Ford Models when young and acted in TV, film and Broadway in my youth back in the day and it was surprising to see how much Mozart looked just like me at that age from some angles.


She also reminded me a little of my closest cousin Carla when young ( who passed over suddenly at Christmas). Her eyes even reminded me of a young Elizabeth Taylor. These were all glimpses we never suspected before make up.

makeup and brushes

I learned makeup from Way Bandy, so I bought Mozart that classic book too ( Designing Your Face)

singer Mozart getting professional makeup for Pop star look

as I think  it still is the best book around about make up and Terri's blog reminded me about that classic  gem. Might as well start with the best.

teen mozart in pop star makeup

Terri did a fantastic job, don't you think?

Luckily her new Makeup Training Academy is very near us in Addison Circle where she trains makeup artists, does make up and sells the exclusive MUD line and Terri Tomlinson Makeup 101 pro-quality palettes of lip, eye, and foundation color.

beautiful teen singer Mozart

The makeup worked perfect for photos, video and from the large stage!

beautiful teen singer Mozart on stage singing like a pop star

Have you ever gotten makeup done by a pro? What do you think about cosmetics?

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Wow! Mozart looks stunning with or without makeup because her beauty shines from within.

Look out world!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Linda! It was really fun to get a peek at how she will look in the future...and quite surprised us. ;)

It is an exciting rite of passage time for her as she explores all these new girly things. ;)

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