Mozart Sings "Everything We Are "- (Original Song) Supporting Environment

June 24, 2014

Beautiful travel teen Mozart singing an original song for Earth Day and playing piano

Teen songwriter and singer, Mozart has a passion for environmental issues and singing, so it was natural for her to write a green, sustainability song for Earth Day.

During this Summer Solstice time period where we are all feeling gratitude for Mother Earth and her bounty in full bloom, it seemed like a perfect time to share.

Pretty Mozart - singer, songwriter and musician with her guitar

It is still a bit of a work in progress, but she sung and played it recently for a big audition, so we video taped it.

Beautiful travel teen Mozart is an amazing singer, songwriter and musician

Perhaps 8 years of non-stop world traveling lifestyle on 5 continents, has influenced Mozart's environmental education greatly by seeing so much of our planet up close.

Youtube star Mozart singing her original song about changing the world

At 10 she surprised us, by winning an English elocution contest that she wrote on her own, that was about the environment:

She is a nature lover through and through and has been from babyhood with so much time spent outdoors first in our organic vineyard and gardens, then RVing around Europe and exploring Asia.

Beautfiul teen singer Mozart loves nature

Mozart is a prolific songwriter and started composing songs at just four years old. She's written hundreds already and wrote 30 in the last month.

Eco-traveler  Mozart playing her piano

We are really happy that we have found some expert teachers who can guide her with her gifts for songwriting, singing and music.

Blissful Mozart with her guitar in nature

Most songs just come to her, melody and words, but now she is learning the craft of songwriting and loves it. Some songs come out in Mandarin, some in Spanish, but most are in English.

Flower child Mozart enchants with her singing and music

Who knew one could find the perfect homeschooling for a singer/songwriter/musician/actress/public speaker? Who knew that our world travels and being trilingual would give her such a rich base to share her heart with the world?

Beautiful singer Mozart playing her guitar and writing a song


This is an exciting time in this new teens life, with a lot happening, learning, hard work and blossoming as she follows her bliss. Looks like her travel will include some amazing music gigs now and her parents continue to grow and learn so much too, just by supporting her passions and following her lead.


We so appreciate your support and would love Youtube thumbs up, comments, likes and sharing on the varous social networks. She has a lot to say to the world, so we are beginning to build her tribe of "Mozartists". Do you want to be one or know someone who does?

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Margaret Sch

I love the "drops of water" analogy in this song . . . and everything else about it! Consider me a continuing fan! Oh, I just heard the last note and love it the best! Thank you, Mozart and family!


Wow! This is amazing and how wonderful to watch Mozart grow as a singer and songwriter!

I think she has much to give to the world so I am more than happy to join in the "Mozartists" fan club!!

You go Mozart! Beautiful...on so many levels.


I've been following your blog for a long time, but never comment. I am delighted to watch this blossoming of Mozart! How exciting.

I loved this song and watching you grow as an artist with something important to share.

Good luck Mozart. I am a fan and believe you can change the world!!

Lucy D.

What a great song! Original, heartfelt, clever, positive catchy chorus. I hear a lot of backing instruments behind it as in bass, percussion, guitar and backing vocals. Awesome! Super work, Mozart!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Margaret! It's been a fascinating journey to watch her come up with these songs. ;)

We so appreciate your support and loving nature! <3

Jeanne @soultravelers3

So happy to hear this Linda! It is such a joy to help a child reach her dreams and watching it unfold.

Welcome to the "Mozartists"journey! <3

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Wow, thanks Lucy! So great to hear that from a professional singer and musician!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

So sweet ,thanks Jennifer! I'm so happy you commented!! Mozart loves hearing the encouragement!!

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