Demi Lovato, Dianna De La Garza, Singing and Mozart's SAT Score!

June 30, 2014

Demi Lovato's mom Dianna De La Garza and singer Mozart

What an exciting weekend for Soultravelers3! Mozart met Demi Lovato's mom Dianna De La Garza who is writing a book about guiding talented children in singing and acting. Mozart is studying with the same great voice coach that taught Demi Lovato from childhood ( and she still works with her some).

Mozart is a huge fan of Demi's and is always singing her songs around the house.


Demi and Selena Gomez both grew up in Dallas and started their careers on Barney. They both studied acting and voice with the same coaches Mozart is working with here. ( Interestingly Beyonce also grew up in Texas and studied here as have many Grammy winners). The road to success takes lots of hard work and training.

Demi has two other sisters in the business, Dallas Lovato and Madison De La Garza, so their mom has had much experience in this realm.

"Faith and family are keys to success" Dianna De La Garza

I couldn't agree more and really enjoyed a workshop Dianna gave about surviving the entertainment industry and am looking forward to reading the book. I do worry about the dark side of this business, so it was encouraging to see how kind, caring and supportive she is and how they remain close as a family.


The other great news we got this weekend, after waiting on pins and needles, is that Mozart did better than 96% of high school kids on her SAT at just 13!! She did exceptionally well in all three areas, math, verbal and essay, so qualifies for all the top courses/programs.

She only had a month to study with a packed schedule with important singing performances like above, that gobbled up most of her SAT prep time as well as her language students from around the world.


As a middle school homeschooler or worldschooler, she has taken very few tests in life, so we didn't know how she would do. This amazing score allows her to do more exciting classes with Johns Hopkins University CTY programs and other Talent Search  college opportunities. We have loved every one of the Talent Search classes we have done, so look forward to more.


Most top colleges and internships ask for this 7th grade talent search qualifying creditial as it shows academic talent and a mature, focused student from a young age. She qualified for Talent Search at 6 or 7, but everyone has to requalify and retest in 7th grade. As a student who will homeschool high schooL, it seems especially important to be able to show this as it validates our educational methods.


For a kid interested in both singing and going to a top university, we want to plow through the requirements as quckly as possible, to give her time for her passions. Her worldschooling and being fluent in 3 languages, means that this summer she can easily take AP Mandarin and AP Spanish classes which will give her both high school and college credits.


And the news gets even better this weekend. Mozart jumped for joy when she found out about the SAT but she broke down and sobbed for joy ( first time for her) when she found out the last bit of great news.

Since May, Mozart has been auditioning for a highly coveted and competitive singing opportunity with three call-backs, against all older students from around the country, all with a LOT more experience.


It's a special Masters Singing program that nurtures talent with tons of performances like at SXSW in Austin and NAMM in LA with gigs in New York City and Las Vegas, songwriting, musicianship and connects them to tops in the business who are looking for exceptional talent. WOW!

2014 seems to be quite the intense roller coaster for our family, as we follow Mozart's passions! I must admit we parents have been thrown for a loop as we didn't expect this and there is so  much to learn on this road.

Is this what the teen years are like, or is it just us?

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Good luck to her. I hope she fulfills her dreams, but at the same time she seems very young to be ushered into the entertainment industry and under the spotlight.


Congrats Mozart! That is an amazing SAT score!! Sounds like you have some exciting years coming up.


Thanks Susan! Yes, it is exciting to allow a child to go for their dreams, but it is also a big responsibility for the parents to nurture the talent properly.

If you look at all the top people in singing and acting now, you will see that most began MUCH younger than Mozart.

Demi and Selena both started younger than 5 years old and we decided not to take that road.

We are extremely attached and protective parents, so we are doing our best to protect her as we follow her lead.

Singing in the Pop genre is an early peak career, especially for girls, so one needs to start early to get the proper training and experience.

It is sad, but look at how the kids that are only 25 on idol etc are already too old and "over the hill".

If one believes in Gladwell's "10,000-Hour Rule', you will see that mastery usually begins around this age and even people like Gates and Jobs were getting mastery hours in their fields during their early teen years.

We're happy that she can gain this experience as an unschooler/homeschooler while she prepares for a top Univ.!!

She has a talented singing friend here who just graduated from Harvard so is a great mentor.

This is not the path I would have chosen for Mozart, but I trust her and her instincts and talents.

The more we lean into this, the more we see just how talented she is and that she likely has a destiny in this area.

So now is exactly the right time to learn and explore her craft!


Thanks so much Joan! We are so proud of Mozart and I think she will indeed have fun and exciting teen years ahead!


Wow! Mozart has so much talent and it is exciting to watch her progress.

She has a beautiful voice and already looks like a star - so only more great to come for sure!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Aw, thanks so much Liz! She is a good kid and works hard so we are very proud of her and she is a lot of fun to boot! ;)

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