Gluten-Free Yummy Chocolate Cake

January 26, 2014

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Did you know that January 27th is World Chocolate Cake Day? Looking for the BEST healthy chocolate cake recipe around that is healthy, gluten-free, grain-free and easy?

If you are looking for a yummy recipe to celebrate ...this is the one for you. And you might enjoy this chocolate love video from Germany:

Out of all the delicious healthy recipes we have discovered, like fermented salsa, paleo pizza, goat cheese, healthy chips, fermented mayonaise, soda pop, bone broth and so much more, this is one of our favorites and seems to be popular with our readers as well.

One reader, Kathy Strahan, who is one of the few blind bloggers on the internet, wrote sweet things  about Soultravelers3 and this amazingly delicious chocolate cake.

I couldn't resist sharing as this sounds like a holiday that might rival Valentine's Day for those of you who love any excuse for chocolate.

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