16 Year Old Mozart Dee's TED Talk & Keynote Speech in UK

May 02, 2017

Singer, songwriter, actress 16 Year Old Mozart Dee's TED Talk & Keynote Speech in UK

Teen actress, songwriter, singer Mozart Dee was asked to do a TED Talk in the UK in December from an educator in London, Drew Buddie, who has been fascinated with her traveling the world education and how growing up global has affected her. She was also filming a songwriting segment on MTV with Bebe Rexha at the same time, so she did it via Youtube and it was shared full screen with the TEDX audience in London. 

Being raised around the world traveling as a world-schooled global nomad to 48 countries for the last 11 years, literally using the world as her classroom. has given Mozart a unique perspective. Thus, she has been a popular and award-winning keynote speaker for a variety of audiences and international venues from Beijing to Barcelona starting at 8 years old, including being the youngest reporter at New York Fashion Week at 13, a speaker in Dallas, the youngest Keynote Speaker at the Global Education Conference and the youngest Keynote Speaker at the NAACE Educators Conference at 14. I will add these videos to the post, but let's first get to the latest news! 

  mozart Dee keynote speaker in the UK

Educator Martin Baily so liked her speeches at NAACE and her TED Talk, that he has invited her to be a Keynote Speaker at the Tech on the Tyne Conference in the UK. She will do a 22 minute speech there as well as a 10 minute speech and musical performance at the Talk on the Tyne the day before. 

Mozart Dee is a keynote speaker at the Tech on the Tyne Conference

 Again she is the youngest Keynote Speaker and amongst some of the best speakers in the world on EdTech and Primary Computing. She will also be speaking and performing in London and will then be doing some singing performances around Europe and work on a documentary film she is making about how her one-of-a-kind  travel life has affected her education, languages, career and creativity. So it will be an exciting time in Europe in June and July. 

  Mozart Dee singing and Keynote Speaker at Talk on the Tyne Conference

Mozart was featured in an article in Learning Foundation by Merlin John, who said this among other things:

 "Flying in from Los Angeles will be 16-year-old speaker Mozart Dee, who bridges cultures, generations and learning (she was home educated). She has a lot to say about learning, with irrepressible positivity and enthusiasm, and you can check her out for yourself at her Ted Talk on Being a Global Teen. Mozart Dee will be the icing on the presentations cake for the morning session of Tech on the Tyne."

  Teen Mozart Dee keynote speaker, singer, actress Europe tour

Since Mozart started walking and talking in two languages at six months old, she has always been a great communicator and she was a "one take wonder" when we had to quickly create a video when we won the two Lonely Planet Best Blog Awards. (Kind of fun that we have some Youtube Videos that track this path to a teen TedTalk and Keynote Speaker. )

But, when she won a big trophy for a first place earth day speech she wrote ( unknown to us) and delivered at her school in Asia to a roaring standing ovation, her public speaking talents and passion became very obvious. 

She surprised us even more when  she got the trophy for the Mandarin Elocution contest at her school and wrote about Lao Tzu as no Caucasian had done that in 63 years. 


 This is the world wide Keynote Speech she did for the Global Education Conference:

And the NAACE Conference in London with 250 UK Educators live via Skype with Mozart in Dallas:


Mozart at 13 as the youngest reporter at New York Fashion Week with Anna Wintour and Serena Williams:

When she was just a few weeks old, I remember a psychologist friend and father of two, remarked on "what an amazing communicator" she was and I was a bit flabbergasted as I didn't know how he could see that so young. When she was born ( very difficult birth) the Pediatrician said, "She looks delicate, but she is a powerhouse" as she was so strong despite the difficult entrance to our planet. 

It turns out they were both prophetic as she communicates powerfully with her songwriting, singing, acting , filmmaking and public speaking. I suppose I should have seen this coming, but I didn't really ,we just followed her lead and this is where it has led. Who knows what is next, but it a fun adventure as it unfolds.  

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Thank you for sharing. I watch TED talks all the time so this is awesome!

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