Mozart's Adventures During New York Fashion Week

September 16, 2014

Travel Teen Mozart is youngest reporter at New York Fashion Week for Youtube and NYMBrand

13 year old trilingual travel teen and Youtuber Mozart was asked to attend New York Fashion Week as it's youngest reporter by Not Your Mother's Brand and had an awesome worldschool and travel adventure that we will share with you!

trilingual singer Mozart on the red carpet at New York Fashion Week

From runways, red carpets and front row seats to limos, backstage access and VIP status to hanging with Vogue's editor and fashion Queen Anna Wintour and celebs like tennis star Serena Williams and more. Oh my!


It began with this video on Youtube and an invite from a long time Twitter friend, fabulous @prmaria  (Maria Olsson- Tysor) from Global Media PR.

Plus an offer by FlipKey to sponsor us with a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, so how could we refuse this awesome big city fashion and homeschool travel adventure?

trilingual teen youtuber Mozart's adventures during New York Fashion Week! Fashion rocks!

Way too much to say in one post about this wild, wonderful and crazy New York Fashion Week, so first a photo essay to capture some of the highlights.

RTW travel teen Mozart at the airport, her second home!

Airports are our second home, so we went from Dallas to Cleveland and onto New York City.

NYC from the air..Mozart flying in for #NYFW

Loved flying above the fluffy clouds early in the day and New York lit up when we arrived at night.

Travel teen Mozart jumping into a cab at Laguardia headed to NYC for fashion week

Jumped into a cab at Laguardia airport and headed into the city we love!

Fashionista travel teen Mozart in a limo with her first pair of high heels-- booties with over the knee socks for NYC Fashion Week street style!

Next morning, we took a limousine into the Style360 Fashion Week site and Mozart wore her first pair of heels that she bought just for this big occasion. Booties that she can also use for singing performances.

Trilingual travel teen Mozart arriving in style at New York Fashion Week in Limo

Arriving in style, Mozart was ready for an exciting first day at Fashion Week.

travel teen and singer Mozart on the red carpet for New York Fashion Week

Then it was time for her fist red carpet photos ...

Travel teen and Youtuber Mozart with her first VIP pass for New York Fashion Week

...and VIP pass.

Trlingual teen singer and youtuber Mozart giving the peace sign at New York Fashion Week backstage

A chance to go backstage and meet all the cool folks at Not Your Mother's Brand hair products, including the owner and discovering how it all began and watch all the creativity in motion with hair, makeup, styling, celebs and press.

Teen singer and fashion youtuber hanging backstage with the models of New York Fashion Week

In addition to hanging with the models about to hit the runway....

travel teen and singer Mozart backstage at New York Fashion Week with NYMBrand lead stylist Michele

...and head stylist Michele Carrillo who Mozart interviewed and that will be up on Youtube soon.

13 year old Mozart interviews 13 year old Isabella Rose Taylor at New York Fashion Week

Mozart also got to meet the youngest designer at New York Fashion Week, 13 year old Isabella Rose Taylor who she also interviewed and that is coming soon on Youtube too. Isabella is from Austin and hosted by Dell.

Trilingual travel teen and singer Mozart with U.S. Open Tennis winner Serena Williams  backstage NYFW

Backstage amidst all the chaos of creativity is also where we first got to meet the amazing tennis star Serena Williams who just won the US Open again.

Anna Wintour and Caroline Wozniacki in front row, inches from us at NYFW

Perhaps the biggest thrill for us is that Vogue's editor and Fashion Icon Anna Wintour was in the front row next to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki for Serena's show. ( Great video coming!).

Many who come to Fashion Week every year, do not get this lucky meeting and the flashing photographers lights were going crazy with all the star power there.

anna-wintour-and-serena-williams-and Mozart-wireimage

We thought it very funny that Mozart accidentally photobombed a bunch of the photos of Anna and Serena backstage for the wireimage photos. We're fans of the movies "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The September Issue" and Vogue, so were awestruck by this rare chance meeting.

singer and youtuber Mozart with male model backstage at NYFW

Mozart also got a selfie with the cutest male model from the FTL Moda show which she thought was pretty cool.

Singer Mozart on Elle Magazine Runway at New York Fashion Week photographed by Tom Concordia

Mozart  got lots of photos taken of her too, like this one on the runway at the celeb-heavy Elle Magazine show for Kohls by fashion photographer Tom Concordia at the Style360 location and also many other photographers like, Charles Chessler, Linda Covello, Mohammed Kasim and more.

travel teen and youtuber Mozart at #MBFW New York Fashion Week in Lincoln Center

Sometimes at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week venue near Lincoln Center...

Close up photo of Mozart taken at New York Fashion Week by Charles Chessler

...or nearby in this large Lincoln Center Plaza.....

Singer, youtuber Mozart surrounded by photographers at Mercedez- Benz Fashion Week

....and sometimes a swarm of photographers would come out of nowhere at Fashion Week.

Singer Mozart photographed at Fashion Week for her street style by ezine Triple The Focu

Mozart even got into an ezine called Triple The Focus showing off her fashionable street style.

Singers Mozart and Christina Milian at Elle show at New York Fashion Week filmed or E! Network TV show

Perhaps Mozart got in an E! Network television show as well as we had to sign a release when she met up with celeb singer Christina Milian, whose producers were shooting it while she was in the front row for the Elle Magazine show by Kohl!

trilingual travel teen Mozart is jumping for joy at NYC Fashion Week #MBFW

All and all a stunning week that made us jump for joy and with so much more to tell..

Singer Mozart leaving a Taxi in NYC arriving at New York Fashion Week runway show stay tuned to this blog and our youtube channel ( make sure you are subscribed) as we give more details, photos and videos of this magical worldschool-at-its-best adventure!! A fabulous Give Away is coming too on Youtube with the fantastic NYMBrand hair products.

Teen singer Mozart being photographed as she leaves New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center...beautiful, natural, blond  hair

Any questions or something specific you want to see? Let us know in the comments below! Mozart just showed me a video from Serena William's Instagram that shows ME photobombing her and Anna Wintour again in the end, taking photos from backstage. ;)

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J, G and Mozart - it was so great to finally meet you IRL after 6 years as twitter/facebook friends! Thrilled that you enjoyed fashion week with us. It gets crazy but in the end it's a lot of fun too!! Can't wait to see the video(s)!! xo

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Maria! It was so much fun meeting you too after all these years of chatting on social media! You are as sweet in person as you are online.

Thanks to you and NYMBrands, we had an outstanding time at NYFW!! Yes, crazy, creative and chaotic, but sooo much fun and we all learned a lot.


WOW! You guys really know how to live life to the fullest!! Go lucky girl.

Look at that wonder Not Your Mothers found you. I am looking forward to the giveaway!!

I can't wait to see more photos and video as I've always wanted to see more about what exactly Fashion Week is!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks so much Liz! We are big believers in if there is a will there is a way and learning is everywhere. ;)

More video and blog posts about our NYC trip are on their way!!

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