Awesome Fall Colors in Europe!

November 01, 2022

Awesome Fall Colors in Europe! from alps to Montenegro

We've been blessed to see stunning fall colors all around the world and Europe has some amazing places for autumn color like the Alps, Route des Vins d'Alsace, Hallstatt, Umbria, Burgundy, and more! This fall I loved combining summer like weather with the bright colored leaves on our  Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria  road trip as well as the colors here in Barcelona at our apartment rental .   

Awesome Fall Colors in Europe! barcelona

Can't one have their cake and eat it too? Palm trees, sea views, vineyards and colored leaves makes a fun combo! 

Awesome Fall Colors in Europe! vineyards in croatia
There are more shades of yellow than red in Europe ( science says) but they all make me smile and I'm so  grateful that we can have two seasons at once and be aware it is fall, while enjoying the warmth, sun, beaches boating and swimming. 

Awesome Fall Colors in Europe! tile roofs and fall leaves spain
Where is your favorite place to enjoy fall colors? Have you ever enjoyed the pleasures of an Indian summer kind of fall? 

Awesome Fall Colors in Europe! Zagreb croatia winery
I suppose California and Spain have spoiled me for this kind of fall. I was a bit concerned about October travel in Croatia, Montenegro & Spain, but every day was sunny and beautiful, plus we got to see some fall colors too!

Awesome Fall Colors in Europe! Vineyard by the sea in Zandar Croatia

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