How to Make Perfect Paella Valenciana in Spain!

January 21, 2011


making perfect paella Valenciana in Spain

If you are a foodie or someone who travels for food, you will love this! This Paella is so delicous it is "to die for" and my mouth waters in remembrance even as I write this. Paella began in Valencia, Spain and we are blessed to have the most magnificent friends that we spend lots of time with in Barcelona. He was born and raised in Valencia so is an expert on making Paella the Valencia way and taught us how. His wife is from Andalusia and now they live in Barcelona and Mozart is best friends with their daughter.

  Mozart's 10th birthday in Barcelona with dearest friends

We made a video about it last summer, as he cooked it at the beach,  but are just now getting it up on our Youtube channel. ( Please subscribe to be the first to see our videos).   Does it make you hungry? Sure brings back happy memories for us!

We have a favorite beach resort campground where we hang out a lot while in Barcelona and our friends live nearby. They love to travel and camp in their caravan, so they made us this awesome dinner at the campsite on a hot June day. We loved it so much that we did it again when we returned in September to Barcelona so Mozart could celebrate her birthday there with our friends and she requested the scrumptious paella.




bomba rice is best for paella Valencia style

At the beach in Andalusia they often make Paella with seafood, but this is a more traditional way using chicken and rabbit for the meat. It is also traditioinal to make it outside. The special beans they use taste more like potatoes than beans and might be my favorite ingredient.

YUMMY beans that taste like potatoes

finished paella valencia style

our girls line up for paella in Spain

One of our great delights is keeping in touch with these friends as we roam the world. Despite my bad Spanish ( I always have Mozart to translate for me when I am hopeless as I  lean heavily on charade antics to support my weakness in our all Spanish conversations) we always have a joyous time when we connect in person or via Skype webcam calls.






They are headed for a vacation in California in June and we are sorry we can't show them around as they have done with us in Barcelona. They have a darling tiny Pincher dog, that Mozart adores so even he joins in on the webcam family conversations and they gave her a stuffed dog version for her to take as we travel which is Mozart's prized possession. The dog even loves the paella!  We look forward to catching up with them in July in Barcelona , exhchanging travel stories, giggles, cava and more paella!



paella for dinner!

dog eating paella!











Deliciousbaby photofriday

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This looks delicious! We've been enjoying the paella at Eduardo's bar near the church here in town and at our favorite tapas bar in Seville. I'm definitely going to have to make it when I get "home." - whenever or where ever that is!

Clare - BabyAbroad

mmmmm. I was in Valencia just 2 weeks ago and we had a wonderful paella - i can almost smell that one your friend cooked!


Mmmmm, paella. That is one thing I am really looking forward to when we visit Spain.

Dominique King

This looks like such a great meal. I love paella, although we've really yet to master making a decent one at home.
Now I'm hungry!


I have lived for many years in the south of Spain and thought I was an old hand at amking paellea but I have seen the beans for the first time. Need to try them next time.


Yes, the real paella is made with rabbit meat

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