Wow! Best Fire Dance in Hawaii

March 04, 2011

Fire 2

"That is the best fire dancer I have ever seen and I have seen so many over the years here in Hawaii" our table mate said to us at the spectacular luau that we went to in Kauai at the  Kilohana Plantation. We were sitting next to native Hawaiians and people who had lived in Hawaii for many years. I've seen a few myself and always find them impressive, but this guy was truly amazing. I hope the photo and video captures some of the excitement!

We loved how the dance show at this luau told about the history of Hawaii and we''ll be writing more about that soon, but just had to share this video with you. Surfing, sailing, snorkelingfire dance and more! How lucky can we get? 

We learned first hand why Hawaii is a top family vacation spot thanks to our sponsor, the Hawaii Visitors and Conventions Bureau. With Spring Break coming up soon I know many families are planning a getaway to Hawaii.We look forward to visiting again.

How about you? Have you seen a fire dancer before? The funniest thing is when we were planning this trip while we were in Barcelona, we just happened to see  fire dancers there at the beach resort we stay at and when we went to Moorea and couchsurfed , we happened to stay with a native polynesian who had been a fire dancer in Spain when he was younger. Love these serendipitous coincidenses in travel and life, don't you?






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This is so cool! I love the strong presence of native Hawaii that you can experience today.


Saw a comedian fire dancer wearing just a loincloth in Antwerp, Belgium, last summer.


Very cool little film here. We saw fire dancers in Apia, Samoa a few years ago.


Thanks too!


Sonja- Wow, Antwerp..I never would have guessed that. ;)


Glad you liked it Sophie, that sounds wonderful!

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