How to Stay Healthy While Traveling - Paleo Road Trip

June 02, 2014

IMG_1804How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Can you do a road trip, vacation or travel the world and eat healthy on a very non-standard diet? YES! 

We eat Paleo-Primal - WAPF - GAPS style ( eating more veggies than many vegans) for healing and preventing cavities and gum disease naturally.



We mostly eat organic, avoid GMO's and all processed foods, no sugar, bad industrial fats (modern refined vegetable & seed oils like canola)  or conventionally grown meats, eggs or dairy.

Plus, we live on a very tight budget, have a super minimalist life, and  travel with little luggage,so  travel and healthy primal eating on the move, as a family, has become an art form for us.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling - paleo road trip ideas


Here are some examples of our road trip meals through the Southwest. We had a small cooler with us and a lunch bag sized one that folds flat when not in use. We actually used many of the same foods on our long plane rideS from Asia to California, so basics remain the same, like keep it simple and plan ahead.


On our health journey I am always looking for cheap health secrets for our minimalist family.
Profound but simple ideas or recipes that we can use as we travel the world for our travel health, but also for you at home on a budget.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling - GAPS road trip ideas


We found pastured eggs even in Asia, so boiled eggs are always a dependable, easy, on-the-move snack. Many meals we ate in the car while moving, so portable food like a banana, apple, boiled egg or Nick's Sticks etc are essential. We also did picnics and help-yourself meals in our room, on historic route 66,  or on the train to Grand Canyon.

delicious gluten free food

We often ran into refrigerators in hotels which helped and some hotels fed us delicious gluten-free primal food we could eat and then, even boiled pastured eggs for us for our road trip travel like Four Seasons in Santa Fe.

family road trip with special diet restrictions

Our car was packed full and we ordered some things before leaving California, because the health choices in the USA are like no where else in the world.


Nevertheless, finding health food stores on the move is not easy, so we had a short list of supplies that we could pick up if needed at a regular grocery store based on EWG's list of clean and dirty foods.

Most places have avocados and they are very satisfying. Organic baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers are portable and usually easy to find in the U.S..

fresh fruit and veggies


We don't usually eat many nuts because of phytic acid, but we enjoy them on trips for their ease and satiety. Julien bakery makes a gluten-free decent almond thin cracker that is handy for the road. Vital Choice canned wild salmon is also road trip worthy and has an easy-open top.

portable food for paleo/primal/ gluten-free road trip


Sweet potato chips by Honest Chips are the only ones we buy for the road, because they are pure and cooked in cold-pressed coconut oil, so actually good for you. Mozart loves making our healthy chip recipe when we are at a base!


We are big believers in kefir and raw milk but make an exception with gouda cheese ( and sometimes brie) on the move, due to it's high vitamin K benefits, portability, taste and ease in availability.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling - primal road trip ideas


We've learned many things on our healing journey, like DIY healthy shampoo and homemade healthy deodorant  to cooking real food and learning to make healthy ice cream, calfouti, fermented salsa, pizza, goat cheese, mayonaise,bone broth, but healthy road trip food has it's own peculiarities.


I hope this helps you. We've done healthy road trips on several continents around the world, so we learn and master it as we go and it is always evolving.

What are your top healthy travel tips for special diet needs on the move?

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Lisa Kellenberger

You have some great tips here! Thanks for sharing. It is always hard to stay healthy on the road but it is definitely doable. Thanks again!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Lisa, glad you liked them! It can be a challenge indeed and I was totally overwhelmed at the idea at first, but actually doing it has been easier than I imagined.

I think being flexible and keeping it simple are the top keys.

We vary it a bit depending on which country/countries we are visiting and what the season is.


Helpful ideas, Jeanne. Do you know about crispy nuts? When you have oven access, you could either bake raw, unsalted nuts in the oven - lowest temp possible - until they are fragrant and crispy. Or soak them for several hours in water and some salt, then drain and dehydrate for several hours at around 115 degrees F until crispy. Or you can purchase them from companies such as (crispy) and Blue Mountain Organics (sprouted/raw). They are a bit pricy, though. When I lived in a village in India, we used to just soak raw almonds overnight then, the next morning, pop them out of their skins and eat them that way. They weren't crunchy, but were good in smoothies.

I heard, but haven't yet verified, that nuts such as cashews and macadamias have the least amount of phytic acid because they don't have coverings, like the brown skins on almonds after they've been shelved.

I have been looking forward to hearing more about how you are curing your cavities naturally ever since you first mentioned this.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Gopika!I have tried that, but it is great to have it connected with this post for others to get the info.

If one is going to eat nuts, I think that is the best way, but we still try to avoid them mostly because of our cure cavity goals.

Plus dehydrating or even using an oven or buying many products is often not available to us.

This diet has been fantastic for our health and I will be writing more about it as I have time.

I still want to get my book out about how I cured my gum disease and grew back the excessive bone loss that I had from it, but we have just been swamped dealing with all the things that are happening with Mozart.

So I have a LOT more to write about health and things that are working for us, but just haven't had the time.

We plan to also visit the top dentist who does non-invasive dentistry soon ( no drilling and filling) which should give us even more to write about in this area.

I have much to write about all we learned from Dr. Da Cruz in Australia soon too.

And Dr Jerry Tennant is in this area, so hope to learn from him ( a brilliant MD who healed himself from a chronic disease and has helped many).

So more coming on health and healing! I just had no idea Mozart's talent would take us in our current whirl wind direction and take up most of my writing time. ;)


Nice tips there. But its Hard to identify GMO Foods these days.

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