Storing a Van, RV, Camper in Europe! #Vanlife solutions!

February 22, 2022

Storing a Van  RV  Camper in Europe! #Vanlife solutions!  soultravelers3
There are many reasons to store an RV or van in Europe, especially if you travel like we do around the world, so sometimes you need to leave it behind in a safe place. We have done this many times in many places like when it is sometimes easier and cheaper to rent a house or apartment abroad. We have been storing our vintage camper near Barcelona for many years, but now we are ready for extended post pandemic travel around Europe.

We are excited to be updating and revamping our camper ( and soon our website and all social media!) and will be posting about it here and on Youtube, Facebook, IG and more including Tiktok! Soon you will see our camper leave this big storage area near Barcelona and go to a special garage where we will document the revamping process. 

Digital nomad life in europe with a camper van - soultravelers3
Choose Your Storage Location Wisely

When it comes to storing an RV, you’ll want to find a good temporary home for it. Our advice is to talk to the people at the camping resorts as they usually know the best places nearby. Often times campers from the UK, Netherlands or Germany etc, may want to store their van, RV's and campers for the winter in Spain or Portugal. Finding a safe, covered, insured place, is the best way to store an RV as these storage locations create the ideal environment for RV storage. The best RV storage facilities provide indoor, climate-controlled units that help keep your vehicle away from direct sunlight, rain, snow, any pest damage and extreme outside temperatures.

Ford Rimor camper in Europe van life - Soultravelers3

 I also saw this site recommended, so you could look into it ( we have not yet). They do not have only facilities for RV, campers and motorhome storage, but you can use the search to see what is available and then check if they store bigger vehicles: Park Via 

Have you ever stored your van, camper or RV? What was your experience like?

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What is the best city’s for flights near great storage? Can clubs help?


Hi Sam! We usually fly into Barcelona as it is a great hub for getting anywhere in Europe, so that is one reason why we use storage there and it is really close to a campsite we love ( walkable). Even if we get a cheaper flight to another city, like we did this time from lax to Paris, we then catch a cheap flight to Barcelona ( and easy to do from almost any place in Europe).

Also Barcelona is a port, so we can easily catch a great overnight cargo ship ( ike a cruise) and take our camper from Barcelona to Italy or other countries as we have many times.

I dont think you need clubs, I have never used any. Usually campsites have the best info about close storage no matter where you are in Europe.

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