Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos!

April 26, 2022

Morning Walks &  Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3  Jacarandas
As we prepare to take off to Barcelona very soon and our new van life extended stay in Europe, I've been really enjoying my morning walks in Santa Monica and saying goodbye to the beauty and love here. So many stunning flowers that are blooming this spring! It allows me to get my Vitamin D from the sun too, test out my new travel shoes, socks & weight loss work out clothes & prepare mentally for this second big transition and leap of faith

Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos! purple magic tree Soultravelers3

I love it that the Jacaranda trees are in bloom and  peak season now as they always make me smile and we have some very near us. We're crazy busy with our take off duties, but our friend David sent this great article about where to find Jacarandas in bloom in LA! Luckily, we have seen them in Spain, Portugal and Australia too. 
Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea also delight me and it loved our Med home in Santa Cruz, ( and we loved it) so if and when we buy a home in Spain, we will definitely be planting our favorite flowers and plants again. 

Bougainvillea med home santa cruz ca soultravelers3 Heavenly reyna
Here, below,  is a photo I took in our white village as I walked it one morning in 2017, so I look forward to doing morning walks there too this Nov - Jan and sharing more with you about Andalucia & Spain tips!

Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 andalucia flowers white village

Who doesn't delight in a perfect peach rose?

Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos! soutravelers3 perfect peach rose

Or a yellow one kissed by the morning sun? 

Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 yellow rose

Climbing vines of Morning Glories are not as regal as roses, but they make me smile too and bring back childhood happy memories. 

Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 morning glories

I am not sure what this white flower is, but I run into it a lot and it smells really good and seems to be a climbing vine too!

Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 white frangrant flowers

There are just too many magnificent flowers on my walks to share them all, but here are a few more:

Morning Walks &  Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 purple

Morning Walks &  Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 red trumpet vine
Morning Walks &  Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 more purple

I love the surprises too like discovering this tiny flower amongst some huge succulents. 

Morning Walks & Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 succuelent flower surprise

Plus, sometimes I like a few fragrant lovelies  near me as I work at my desk as I dream about travel and all good things!

Morning Walks &  Beautiful Flower Photos! soultravelers3 world travel dreams & fragrant flowers at desk

How about you? Do you like morning walks, spring time, flowers and dreaming about travel? Less than a week now, until I am in the air and on my way to Europe with new flowers and new places to discover. 

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Sally Lyon

I have never been a morning person although for years up at the Crack of dawn when working. Perhaps I would have been if these beautiful blooms were available where I live. I am positive now being retired it may be possible to enjoy mornings no longer needing or having to be somewhere. Changes in life are forthcoming. Congratulations to your family and plans to return to Europe and to smelling the flowers.


Thanks bunches Sally & I hope you just had an amazing birthday!! I must admit my walks are not usually too early in the least not in LA area. I prefer to wait after the rush hour traffic when things are more still.

I am not really a morning person either, although I have become more of a morning person as I age as I just don't sleep that much any more. So I can go to bed late like I prefer and still wake up fairly early.

I sometimes go for later walks too and I hear that is healthy, but I tend to have my best energy before noon and the best Vt D time from the sun is before noon, so 10 or 11 tends to be the time I tend to like best to wander about and smell the roses and look for flower delights.

Thanks so much for your good wishes! I miss my morning walks in our Barcelona resort so I am looking forward to them and the flowers there and distant ocean views. Moving is hard work, so I am ready for some fun!!


Lovely shots- it has been a spectacular spring! I think that little flower peeking through the succulents may be a shamrock, right time of year on the California coast.


Thanks & belated happy BD to you!! We are in Barcelona now and loving it and my walks here as the weather is perfect and similar to how it was in Santa Monica when we left.

Also thanks so much about the name of the little flower in the succulents! That made me smile!!

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