Camping Spain, Simple Pleasures

July 12, 2022

Camping  spain soultravelers3 simple pleasures beach holiday campsite
I am so happy camping Europe in our newly remodeled vintage camper van which really is the cheapest & best way to travel Europe in my opinion, so I wanted to share a few photos of why I love this luxury Barcelona  bargain camping resort & summers sweet pleasures here. I wrote before about what our digital nomad travel lifestyle looks like as a family, but now we are empty nesters and have not been here since 2017 ( and 2010 for my husband), so time for another updated look. 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 camping barcelona resort
First, as I have said before in most of my Barcelona posts ( with endless photos proving the point), the resort itself is gorgeous ....

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 camping barcelona 3 pools
 has 3 pools, water slides and endless amenities and is huge...
Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 camping barcelona trees walk I never tire of my morning walks enjoying the grounds and all that is available right here. There is a good reason why some people live all year here or have it as their second home and it is great for my weight loss goals~   because the camping lifestyle is more active by it's nature, needing to do more walking, biking and taking mass transit etc, so both of us have lost weight and gotten in better shape. If my husband died, I'd probably move here and live in the camper as it is too big for me to drive comfortably and I love the life here. 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures Soultravelers3 camping barcelona flowers
They even have morning exercise classes at the pool, a gym, sauna, and waterfall jacuzzi's and one can get a massage here. 

Camping spain simple pleasures soultravelers3 pool exercize fitness health


Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 campsite barcelona
When we traveled as a family, we had different needs than now and we camped where it was active with lots kids, but .....

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures campsite privacy we look for privacy and quiet, so we can rest and heal and get things done. Luckily, while we were in the bungalow, I did serious walking and campsite stalking and found this gem which is isolated and very quiet and peaceful even on high season holiday weekends in July! No one is parked near us as you can see from both these angles. This is an area for long stay folks, but all of them are gone for high season. It also is very shady with beautiful trees. It must be near a horse farm as we hear horses clomp by sometimes on the country road on the other side of the fence and tree line. 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 isolated campsite barcelona high season
We put the tent up partly for privacy, but do not need it for that much, but it is also helpful with the unpacking and repacking chores we have to do for the camper as well as our next extended trip, as it's like having a spare bedroom as it is quite a large tent with stand up room.  ( You can see the bird feeder in this photo near bike with 4 little platforms coming off a cypress tree before the green starts). 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 camping tent barcelona

  I love the trees in this campsite, they blow in the breeze and shade us like an umbrella. It is hard to 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures campsite barcelona soultravelers3 trees
 explain or show in pictures, just how much pleasure I get from these beautiful trees and sky protecting us & surrounding us with their beauty. 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 shady campsite treees keep it cool

And one of the great simple pleasures of life and camping is to read a book ( like 4HWW where we are case studies) while swinging in a hammock strung between 2 trees in dappled shade and fall asleep. 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures reading 4HWW book in hammock campsite

 Even better is this lounge chair we bought in Italy which is the most comfortable chair in the world and my favorite to read, nap, meditate or watch some netflix on in the shade or work a bit, while watching the trees blow in the wind and clouds drift by in the azure blue sky. 

Camping spain best lounge chair & secret garden campsite

and we love the shady "secret garden" we have here which is great for hot days and also because we love to garden and....

Soultravelers3 camping barcelona shade secret garden
.... beyond the rocks, there are these beautiful flowers and vine growing, so of course we have to water them and take care of them ( despite them being on a drip line like everything in this campsite) and trim the trees a bit. Someone even left a bird feeder, so we are not the first to enjoy this private nook & yes, we bought some bird feed! There is a gorgeous little bright yellow bird that visits, plus others and a squirrel ( and cats roam the campsite) but I have not been able to get a pic yet. 

Barclona camping secret garden flowers

Of course, another wonderful simple pleasure is eating outdoors and we usually do that at the table under our awning. 

Camping spain good healthy food eating outdoors

One of my favorite things to do on my morning walks is to pick fresh flowers for the table and camper

Camping spain simple pleasures like fresh picked flowers and fruit basket and candles

I pretty much live on salads, so easy to handle in a camper. Gar also eats simply, but gets a lot more carbs and fat than I do. :)

Camping spain and simple pleasures like cooking food

 We store veggies in this contraption we have had forever & it hangs usually in the shade on the back.

Camping Spain - Simple Pleasures storing vegetables at campsites

Works great! Meals are easy, nutritious and fun in our indoor/outdoor living.

Campin spain simple pleasures and healthy food
We also use the stove inside the camper and I enjoy it a lot, although one must be mindful as it is a small space, but that is exactly the part of what I love about it as it keeps me on my toes and makes every day tasks a bit different.  I use chicken breasts as my protein in my salads, so I came up with the solution to cook up a bunch at once & store it in fridge, so it is there when needed and lasts a while ( I can't use fat, so just boil it with seasonings). 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures cooking inside a camper
Plus we always have the option and sometimes barbecue outside in our campsite! Yum! We usually do dishes inside or a few steps across the way from us, so fast, easy clean up. 

Camping Spain  Simple Pleasures barbeque campsite bbq

 It is a lovely, very quiet and serene, very private, large campsite. There are about 6 bungalows  a good distance behind us, behind a dead end driveway that is behind us, but we can not see them from our eyesight level, nor them us. Nor do we get noise as I think they are mostly empty. It likely helps us have great wifi here. 

Camping Spain - Simple Pleasures big campsite soultravelers3
Who doesn't love the simple pleasure of beautiful daily sunsets? 

Camping Spain - Simple Pleasures sunsets at campsite
I love the view from our camper "bedroom" and not sure if you can tell by this photo below, but it has a Tuscany feel to it with distant views of the country side. 

Camping Spain - Simple Pleasures view out my camper van window


Camping Spain - Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 remote work flowers and fruit beauty
Much of our life is online now, so as digital nomads, we do work a little every day, like me writing this blog

Camping Spain - Simple Pleasures soultravelers3 digital nomads working outside
..and often we work outside in various spots in the shade with sweet views and cool breezes....
like in our secret garden ( or at our outside table or inside camper table). 

Camper remodel designer touches and wild flowers 2
I so  enjoy the inside views now with this remodel and white on white natural theme which is very 

Camping spain soultravelers3 white remodeled vintager camper van life remote work

healing for me and makes me smile. 

Camping spain soultravelers3 hibiscus flowers walking beauty
I love the flowers on my morning walks ...

Camping spain beautiful fresh picked flowers for camper van
...and bringing home various fresh picked cut flowers. Who does not love the simple pleasure of beautiful  flowers? They still take my breath away and make me smile. 

Camping spain beautiful pink flowers campsite

What are your favorite simple pleasures?

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