Top Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor, Montenegro!

October 25, 2022

Top Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor  Montenegro!
Everywhere you look in gorgeous  Kotor Riviera and Montenegro is an instagrammable photo opportunity & we are so happy we returned again to road trip this area for a relaxing 10 day stay in a beautiful airbnb home that also has an instagram perfect view! We explored Croatia & Montenegro in 2007 & it is still enchanting, so we are grateful that we returned to look deeper & even learn a bit about investing in a property here possibly in the future. I will be writing much more once we get back to Barcelona & slow down to our normal digital nomad pace. The top photo is in the Unesco ancient village of Perast & we accidentally created a trend for us on Instagram that we call "red hat angel" series using a red hat I bought in Rovinj due to the sun & a beautiful hand me down lace cover up from our daughter Heavenly Reyna who wore it at Coachella

Airbnb best  Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor Riviera  Montenegro!

The view from every window is mesmerizing and changes through the day. One night there was even beautiful fireworks on the water, much to our surprise! I will be writing a review of this place & other great ones we stayed at in Croatia and Montenegro ( most under 30 dollars a night). 

Top Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor  Montenegro! AIRBNB RENTAL HOUSE

 To understand Kotor Riviera and Boca Bay, one has to understand the topography and realize that it is only a 2 hour drive from Dubrovnik & not far from Italy. 

Top Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor  Montenegro! map topography boca bay
Kotor is likely the most popular spot, so go the old town and head up to the top of the Fort Ivan! It is a long climb on slippery marble cobblestones mostly, but you do not have to go to the top to get good instagram and real views! Even my 70 year old injured knees could make the climb carefully & It is also a great way to skip the crowds if a cruise ship is in the old town, as most will not walk to the top. 

Top Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor Riviera  Montenegro!  Kotor from Fort of St Ivan

If you love beaches and partying all night in bars then Budva is for you and it is also a popular digital nomad location. It is an easy walk to the top of the citadel for a sweet view of old town and more. A drone point of view without the drone needed. Personally, I liked Budva much better in 2007, as it has been over developed. 

BestI Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor Riviera  Montenegro! Budva drone view

But it still has some charming areas off season like the old town, beaches and harbor. 

Best  Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor Riviera  Montenegro! budva harbor

 Sveti Stefan is a unique luxury hotel & whole private village for the rich and famous, including a Nobu next to it, but the beach and beauty is free for all to enjoy. You can actually hike to it and 7 other beaches from Budva, but we just drove like most do. I hear the beach is packed in high season, but despite it being perfect summer swim weather in late October, few people were there. 

Sveti stefan Top Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor  Montenegro!
Unesco Perast in my first photo is situated a few kilometers northwest of Kotor and is noted for its proximity to the islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. From there, one can see these two tiny islands, so we took a small boat ride to see them for just 5 euro and it was well worth it! 

Best  Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor  Montenegro!
Tivit îs very different than the ancient towns because it is new and filled with many of the biggest yachts in the world and designer stores, so very much like Monte Carlo. We found it a bit boring, but enjoyed taking a stroll and relaxing with a  cup of coffee & cappuccino, just taking in the sunshine and ambiance at one of the many seaside tables. 40% of real estate in Montenegro is owned by Russians, and clearly this is one of their favorite places ( as is Budva). 

Top Instagram Photo Locations in Kotor  Montenegro! Tivit Yachts coffee oligarchs

This is just a tiny taste of the beauty here, and I will be sharing a lot more soon!



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