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October 13, 2009

cute girls with knight in armor & tapestries/ Cliveden. UK

Tapestries and a knight in shining armor...what could capture the joys of family travel in England any better? We just  had a fantastic week in London from October 1st through 8th, our second time there on our world tour and took a train to the countryside to join friends from around the world for a high tea at the posh Cliveden House.

This was part of Mozart's 9th birthday celebration as she has been wanting to go to a fancy high tea for a while and her actual birthday was affected deeply by my injury in Melk. It was still a difficult trip because of my painful and temporarily paralyzed dominant arm and hand, but we made it with lots of assistance.

I will be writing more about our wonderful time there, but couldn't resist sharing this cute picture of Mozart and her latest "little sister" that she met there and played with all day.

I spent my first night in our RV the day we returned to Melk and then said good bye to my sweet physical therapist (who has the same birthday as me!) and surgeon the next day and started the long trek back to southern Spain for the winter.

It is extra challenging because the bed in the RV is very hard and since I can not change positions, the pain wakes me up every few hours and then I have to wake up Davinci several times a night to help reposition me. We haven't managed to get an uninterrupted nights sleep since the accident!

To add to this joy, I just got a cold/flu thing, so I will remain behind in emails etc and the blog as I can only do so much with one left hand! The good news is very slowly, day by day, I heal. We all get stronger by the lessons learned through this struggle.

We are in Vienna now and I have so enjoyed the pool here as a form of therapy that my physical therapist highly recommended and it is so soothing to my arm plus great fun for Mozart. We are heading off to the healing waters in Budapest and then through Slovenia and Italy where we will take a ship to Barcelona, I probably won't be online much until we get there for a little rest at a another great spot with a great indoor pool.

We have mastered roadschooling, so now it seems we are inventing roadtherapy on the go!

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Why don't you buy a memory foam mattress for the RV bed? Should help with the comfort factor.


Keep on enjoying the world :-)
Our best friends are in Wien just now, for their first time.

Mary R

So glad that you continue to travel about and enjoy while you are injured! Good for you... I was also going to suggest a mineral bath in Czech Republic and then I read you are going to Budapest. I recommend the baths at the Geller Hotel

Stacie F

I am wishing you the speediest of recoveries and I was very saddened to hear about your accident! I have to say though that your positive attitude about learning lessons is wonderful and it is exciting to see where that will lead you..sorry it has to be a painful way, though!! Take care and best wishes from Taos, NM!

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