The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -Kid's Review

January 13, 2012


Wizarding World of Harry Potter

(This is a kid's review by our tween Mozart who just turned 11 and is an avid Harry Potter fan who has been reading and re-reading the books since she was four.  Since we have been traveling the world non-stop, she has celebrated her birthdays in Paris, Salzburg, Stockholm, London and Barcelona, but her dream wish for her 11th birthday was to do it at Harry Potter's Wizarding World at Universal in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Universal and Visit Florida who sponsored our visit. It was an amazing birthday present and here is her review).

  Hogwarts express

 My first thought was WOW WOW WOW! If you go there you have to take your time because if you just rush through it then you don't really experience it all.

fun at wizarding world of Harry Potter in Orlando

The best thing there was definitely The Forbidden Journey. You wouldn't really call it a roller-coaster. You would call it tour through Hogwarts with some sharp twists and turns. So if you are tall enough I totally recommend you go on it. But if you or a family member go on it and you don't, than there is a waiting room where they play the Harry Potter movies so you don't get bored. I went on it two or three times because it was soooo fun!

Ollivanders at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Then at Hogsmeade if you want to buy a wand, but you just want to buy it and not have to wait in a gigantic line, than go into the post office a.k.a the place where it is a half gift shop on one side and a room with a ton of wands stacked up on the other. Because if you see a huge line of people standing outside Ollivanders and you think they are waiting to get a wand, well, you are half right. What it is, is the ceremony of when a wand chooses the wizard.Lucky for the one audience member they pick, but a long wait.

picking out my wand at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

You can pick any of the characters wands, plus more. I picked one that is just like Hermione's and I love it as I have had the costume since we went to Hogwarts in the UK.

  If you have a sweet tooth, you have to go into Honeydukes. It is wall after shelf after barrel filled with luscious sweets. I was in heaven!

Yum! Honey Dukes at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Candy shopping at Honey Dukes at Wizarding World

Candy at Honey Dukes at Universal's Wizarding World

Hogmead helper at Honey Dukes at HP Wizarding World

Bertie Botts at Honey Dukes at Wizarding World

If you are hungry, go to the three broomsticks where they have a large deli filled with some of your favorite foods. We also had pumpkin juice and frozen Butterbeer. They were okay, but not my favorite drinks. Still, I am glad I tried them and my mom and dad loved them.

Three Broomsticks at Wizarding World

pumpkin juice at Wizarding World

Butter beer and food at 3 Broomsticks at Wizarding World

If you like a laugh than go to Zonko's joke shop. I myself got a screaming yo-yo that is hilarious. What do you think airport security people will think of that?

Zonko's at Wizarding World

shopping at Zonkos

Love this puking pastilles at wizarding world Zonkos

And of course there are the two roller-coasters. One, the Flight of the Hippogriff, is a fun one that the whole family can enjoy, and the big one, the Dragon's Challenge I couldn't go on because I wasn't tall enough although it looked like so much fun.

  flight of the hippogriff

All in all, This was the best birthday present EVER.

Love this wizarding world photo

Mom and I

Have you been yet?

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hi mozart!that was one great review you just gave us!it looks like so much fun being there!i am a huge harry potter fan myself and i read the first HP book when i was in 1st grade.My favourite characher is Ron and if i ever get the chance to go to the wizarding world i will definitely get his wand.
i hope you get to have more fun experiences like this one.
i recently read "la resistencia" a really cool spanish book that has to do with wizards and spells etc and i thought you might like it!
have a great time in california,hugs from greece

Mozart @soultravelers3

Thanks Ellen! Now my Mom wants me to write a review for Disney World! ;) That book sounds cool, thanks for the tip! HP rocks!!


Hi Mozart! It's really cool to see you write a post on the blog. I read every post. I live in Orlando, Fl and I haven't been to Harry Potter World. It was interesting to read your review!


Hi, Mozart. Good review. Sounds like a blast, and happy really late birthday. :P


Hey Mozart.
I enjoyed your very first blog post, and what an awesome subject to write about.
I went to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter in the summer and loved it so much. I loved the Forbidden Journey too. Its a bit hard to explain the ride isn't it?! I think its more of an "experience".
The Dragons Challenge was fun, but very fast and a little scary. I really liked the butterbeer. Did you go on any of the other rides in Islands of adventure, like the incredible hulk ride?
I'm glad you had an amazing 11th birthday and hope you are having fun back in California and that your mum is feeling better soon.


I really enjoyed reading this review, and now I wish I were at Harry Potter's Wizarding World at this very moment!

Melissa Read (readontheroad

Wonderful review,Mozart! I've not been to Wizarding world yet, although I've read all the books multiple times. You did an excellent job of explaining all the activities- can't wait to experience it for myself! Looking forward to your Disney review!

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