Polar Express Grand Canyon Adventure!

December 22, 2014

Polar Express Grand Canyon Adventure with Mozart

Have you always wanted to take your kids on the Polar Express? If your kid is a reader, you love the book & movie. We did a winter road trip to the Grand Canyon last year and loved it.

Santa-polar-express courtesy of Grand Canyon Railway

The most popular time for the Grand Canyon Railroad, located in Williams, Arizona on historic Route 66,  is when the  Polar Express runs From Nov. 7th to Jan. 3rd.

Polar Express Grand Canyon Adventure

When we stayed at the Grand Canyon Railroad Hotel, last January, Mozart was thrilled to see the photos in the elevator, as she is a big fan of the touching book by Chris Van Allsburg and movie.

Polar Express Grand Canyon Adventure

Then seeing the Polar Express train was even more exciting!

Amazingly, 1/3 of the Polar Express tickets are gone by summertime. But you can start planning for next Christmas! Reserve your tickets online first. You can buy a package deal  or individual train tickets.

Polar Express Grand Canyon Adventure!

Alas, we just missed the time period for the Polar Express, but did thoroughly enjoy our train trip from Williams, Arizona into the Grand Canyon and will be writing more about that.

It was a lot of fun and winter is a great time to go as it is the least crowded in January after the Polar Express! I've been several times before and found this time period the most magical!

 Grand Canyon Railroad Adventure!

Our stay at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel was also a delight! So if you are looking for a Polar Express or the best time to see the Grand Canyon during a winter road trip, either way, you will have an unforgettable experience!

We were blessed to be hosted by the Grand Canyon RailwayGrand Canyon Railway Hotel  and the Kachina Lodge, and all were absolutely amazing and very family friendly & Boomer friendly!

 Grand Canyon Railway Hotel Adventure for Polar Express or all year

Who wants to go? Or who has done this?

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