Mozart's Recording Her Beautiful Song "You're Not Alone"!!

December 10, 2014

Mozart's Recording Her Beautiful Song "You're Not Alone"!!

Dallas Lovato and the world loves just-turned -14-year-old Mozart's beautiful song, "You're Not Alone" that she wrote to help the cause of Human Trafficking, but it appeals to everyone's heart, as we all need inspiration!


Mozart is in the studio this week doing a professional recording of this song with Scott Bryne! Oh my gosh! We are so proud of her.

They're actually going to do two versions, one for Dallas Lovato and the movie producers that have interest and one for one of the top music managers in the business who has interest in her. Mozart is so excited as it is truly a dream come true!

Mozart's Recording Her Beautiful Song "You're Not Alone"!!


We'll let YOU decide which one ( or which one first) should go on itunes. This is a pretty thrilling moment for our homeschooled world traveling teen, who has put us all on a very fast moving train this past year, as we changed our lives to accommodate her talent and passion for singing, songwriting and music. Our parenting style is always to follow and support her lead and passions, but some times that is intense!

It hasn't even been a year because we just arrived here from Asia in February last year. With all that is happening behind the scenes ( can't tell all yet), we're really glad that we have taken these risks, as now we see we're clearly on the right path.

Mozart's Recording Her Beautiful Song "You're Not Alone"! ( Here on the radio)


In just over a week this song, "You're Not Alone" already has almost 11,000 views, 321 likes,  almost 300 mind-boggling, glowing comments and a teen she doesn't know, who lives across the country loved it so much, he made a cover of her song!!

We just put this song on Youtube with our little inexpensive camcorder, so can't imagine how beautiful the song will sound when professionally produced. It should be done around December 17th & we will share it with you and the world.

Mozart's Recording Her Beautiful Song "You're Not Alone"!!


Mozart has been working very hard & recently sang that song and others on the radio ( you can hear the whole show & interview here). She also is doing many performances, like at Six Flags Over Texas for the next two weekends, Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Opening Bell and volunteering at the Snowball Express.

Here are just a few of the amazing  comments about this song from people around the world that we have never met ( and many are musicians!). Quite humbling and encouraging for Mozart! ( Below that you can see the song lyrics).


♥ Powerful, passionate and intense....your music and voice touches and moves the soul......very meaningful, beautiful and Brilliant.....truly Dear Mozart You have the Gifts of music and Beauty

♥ At fourteen, your composition and songwriting is simply exquisite. You're Not Alone is a score that will contribute to many screenplays.

♥ I cry every time I watch this, which is why I haven't even commented yet as I always end up needing to go and get lots of tissues!! An amazing song, sang with such compassion. And I love the placement of the camera which frames the scene so perfectly with the gorgeous tree outside the window and you on the other side. Great job.

♥ Mozart, You had me captivated from beginning to end...On my 3rd time watching this, Beautiful songwriting and heartfelt...brought tears to my eyes.

♥ The lyrics are so powerful and I love how it is you and your piano; this gave me chills too! I hope that they use this in the movie!! Your voice is amazing and I can't wait to hear more of your original songs :)

♥ WOW Mozart what a beautiful song, it gives me goose bumps, I hope you ever can recording it in a studio under beautiful musical accompaniment. Awesome job! I understand exactly why Dallas Lovato is impressed :)
shared with love!

♥ Pure sounds emanating from a pure Soul whose come like an Angel into this hurting world with "healing in her wings"! loving you, Mozart & grateful for you & your Divine gift which is a blessing to all. God bless you.

♥ Incredible song and message! I have listened to this so many times over the past week and it never gets old. Love it:) Also, I think your piano melodies in your songs ave gotten a lot more complex, and they sound great!

♥ Great job, Mozart! While other young artists are writing songs about their crush at school, you're using your talent to bring awareness of a serious issue. Nice editing on this video.

♥ This is INCREDIBLE!!! Mozart I loved it and I really felt this song in my heart. Thank you!!!!! I want to cry. What inspired you to write this?

♥ This is a wonderful song with powerful lyrics. You have a lovely, clear voice and the piano accompaniment is very nicely balanced.

♥ Hats off! We need more lyricists like you.

♥ You have an amazing voice and this song is beautiful. it's a great thing that you decided to shed light on a horrifying topic by using your talent. keep it up

♥ This was very moving and beautiful. The message behind the song is lovely. You are going to go far :D

♥ Very moving song and message. Thank you Mozart Dee for using your voice to bring awareness to human trafficking, a human rights issue.

♥ This is so moving, Mozart. I feel that some girl somewhere (hopefully more than one!) will see and hear this song right when she needs it to gather up the courage to reach for help to get her back home where she belongs. I am very impressed by your compassion on this tragic and sensitive topic. Keep singing your songs and they will reach . . . those who should hear. (Or it could be a mother who will be encouraged upon hearing this to hope for . . . and fight for . . the return of her child currently in the grips of human trafficking.) Your song will make a difference somewhere, I'm convinced.


We want to thank all the people who have supported and believed in Mozart as we have so much to be grateful for this Holiday Season. Wishing you and yours great joy!!


You’re Not Alone ( Lyrics) 
There's a girl, Somewhere
And she's scared for tomorrow
 There's a place where she goes 
In her heart,  In her mind, In her soul   
She calls it home
She calls it home
Skies of blue, shining through
 in your eyes, in your eyes
Skies of blue, shining through 
in your eyes, in your eyes
Welcome home, you’re not alone
I see fire, in you
I see fight, seeping through 
see the light you create
It's no crime to be afraid 
Of what will come
Of what will come
Skies of blue, shining through
 in your eyes, in your eyes
Skies of blue, shining through 
in your eyes, in your eyes
Welcome home, you’re not alone
Just be brave
And have faith
Your time will come someday 
You'll be saved
Don't be afraid 
not anymore 
Welcome home, you’re not alone
Skies of blue, shining through
 in your eyes, in your eyes
Skies of blue, shining through 
in your eyes, in your eyes
Welcome home, you’re not alone
Welcome home, you’re not alone

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Sue K

Wow!! This is amazing! Way to go Mozart! I can't wait to hear it. Your family has been such a great inspiration for our family and here you go again!!

This is such a gorgeous song, I see why they want it in a movie. So cool that Mozart is sharing her talents while helping others!!


OMG! This is amazing!! What a beautiful song for a super cause. I am so proud of you Mozart!! I'll buy it when it comes on itunes!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Aw, thanks so much Sue! We so appreciate hearing that. It's been a pretty crazy year, so we're really proud of Mozart and this song!! Happy you like it too!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

So sweet Liz!! Thanks so much!! Hope you have a great Holiday Season & I think 2015 is going to be a stupendous year!!

George Atkins

Simply stunning that a child of 14 could write such a beautiful and profound song! Thanks so much for sharing it with the world! I always knew that Mozart would do great things in this world. Kudos to her parents for a job well done!!


This is sooo beautiful!! So happy you recorded this. I have no doubt that you will have many many more great songs coming in your very exciting future! Good luck!!

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