Asia Dream

May 15, 2014

Asia dream - beauty at sunset

Sultry breezes, beautiful dawn and sunsets, colorful traditions, coconuts and exotic tropical fruit.. life in Asia is like a dream now.

Festival in Asia

The gratifying parts of Southeast Asia, China, 3 Malaysian cultures, Bhutan, festivals, TCM and Chinese culture as well as the negative parts, like the endless equitorial heat, Dengue and toxic fogging, wild traffic, bus adventures, pollution, rats and food issues all seem almost like a distant memory now.

Asia dream - pristine tropical Asia at it's best

It is amazing how quickly one adapts to new realities in this around-the-world, travel lifestyle.

Exotic Asia

Jump on a plane and one is in a whole new world, but no matter how different, it all seems normal to us as we have gained extraordinary adaptability and flexibility.

Aisa dream

We went to Asia for one reason and that was to get Mandarin fluency and literacy for our trilingual child, plus a deep understanding of this part of our world. Deep Asian roots for my blond "non-Asian" 21st century child in our shrinking world.

Only Caucasian /American girl in huge Chinesse school in Asia

That mission is now accomplished, so we are all very grateful for that and the many things learned in Asia and amazing people we met and befriended. Some day we shall return, but not for a while likely.

Now Mozart teaches others her 3 languages as she starts learning a fourth and focuses on music.

Every place has it's pros and cons, poverty and luxury, good and bad news, but only by staying a while, living like a local, making friends, dipping into local schools, and walking the land, can one get a better understanding and deeply connect.

Living in Asia means lots of pool time like locals in SEA

If there is one most important lesson that we have learned in our 8 plus years of non-stop travel, it is that the human race, in all it's myriad forms, is basically good and we all have the same basic desires for love, validation, security.

Asia dream - making new friends in rural  Bhutan

Having spent most of three years based in Asia, just like spending most of 5 years in Europe, they are now part of us that we take with us where ever we go.

Multiculturalism and global perspective is learned through living and now part of Mozart's DNA.

Asia Dream - colorful school boys in Asia dresses for a holiday celebration

Not as expats with business, diplomatic, government or missionary communities and international schools, but as independent travelers choosing to worldschool and be a digital nomad family who choose to live like locals, creating a unique, new way of living as global citizens. 

Mozart singing in Mandarin in Dallas China town

Recently 13 year old Mozart sang in Mandarin at a Chinese festival in Dallas Chinatown. Having lived in Asia and speaking the language, made it a very different experience for us,  than it would be for a typical American family.

Asia dream - beautful beaches and boats

It felt normal to be one of the only Caucasians in the large crowd and the food, cultural icons, language, sights, that reminded us of "home" ( or one of our homes), felt familiar and comforting. We have multiple nostalgia from all our many homes and life experiences!

Blond American travel kid Mozart in Asia crowd celebrating Chinese New Year

Sometimes one doesn't know how much slow travel has changed you until you return to your home country for a visit.

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What's next now that you've left Asia? Are you back in the States?
Love keeping up with you guys. It's very inspirational.

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