How I lost 170lbs/77 Kilos at 70!

March 01, 2023

Weightloss transformation! How I lost 170lbs:77 Kilos at 70!
Do you struggle with losing weight? I've lost 100lbs 4 times, so you'd think I'd be a master at weight loss, & best weight loss journey & transformation, but for someone like me, it is a life long, full time job. Covid and the Pandemic have been motivators to finally master this hard karma. Using free sun and beach walks for grounding/earthing  have helped a lot. Digital nomad travel  life suits me. My weight loss story is not one of overnight success. My weight loss journey has been a roller coaster ride of trials, and LOTS of errors and failures along the way. I turn 71 in mid March and I had hoped to reach my final goal by that date, but alas, I am still 18lbs short of my goal weight. I have a few weeks to get closer, ( aiming to be just ten pounds over at this point) yet I could have reached that goal, but didn't. Best tip? Please don't let failures stop you as they are just part of the process!

Weight loss journey over 50 how i lost over 100lbs at 70
 I could see not reaching my goal by my birthday as a failure, and mentally judge & beat myself up, OR I could see the perfection of it all, accept life as it is, and know that I WILL  still reach that goal sooner or later. I tend to gain a bit on my maintenance phase so it might take until next fall or winter to finalize and meet my ultimate goal. So that discourages a part of me. I may even change my goal and make it ten pounds thinner if I feel that is needed. I am losing slower now as I get closer to my final goal and mostly that is my own fault, partly it's because I am basically  happy at this weight which has me in a "normal" range for my age. I love feeling so fit and energetic like I am twenty again! Partly it is also because I am being less strict on my diet. Instead of one apple for desert , I might have three or get into some nuts or pumpkin seeds.  So not huge errors, but not staying super strict. Partly also, plateaus seem to be more prevalent as one gets closer to the goal.I still have a little too much fat on my body, so I will keep working on it and exercise more to be even more fit and work on my longevity goals. 

Fast weight loss tips How I lost 170lbs:77 Kilos at 70!

I am really loving walking on the beach every morning, enjoying my salads on my terrace in the sunshine every day. These good habits suit me and I find easy ways to support myself. Here are some no make up mirror selfies after my beach walk workouts. It often surprises me still when I look into the mirror now, yet even at my heaviest I always dreamt and thought of myself as this normal size. The fat me in the mirror was always a shock so I avoided it. 

Weight loss tips How I lost 170lbs:77 Kilos at 70!

Beach walk grounding earthing and losing weight

Weight loss fitness goals How I lost 170lbs:77 Kilos at 70!

Am I skinny? Not yet. Do I feel like twenty instead of 70, absolutely and I love that!! I still have more to go and more to learn along the way, but this is truly the best thing I have ever done for myself and I want to be slender and fit now for the rest of my life. Better late than never! 

Weght loss beach walks feel free as a kid
I love feeling vibrantly alive again and free as a kid or a bird! I even love how different my face feels and how "bony" my body feels even just like scratching my face or arm. It is like." whoa, whose body is this"? I'd forgotten what it feels like to be in a thinner body in lots of little ways. Also, unfortunately, guys are hitting on me again, which is NOT something I expected at my age, after many years of enjoying being invisible. One must take the bad with the good and perhaps I should be flattered, but I had more than my share of that when I was  young, so it just seems so odd now. 

Weight loss easy tips after 50 How I lost 170lbs:77 Kilos at 70!
It is NEVER too late in life to lose weight and I have proven that to myself now and think this is a fun and enjoyable goal and journey at my ripe age. I will start writing a book about how I did this and what I have learned along the way, so let me know if you have any questions or areas you want covered in the ebook!



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Congrats on such an amazing journey. Looking forward to hearing how you achieved it. ❤️

Soul Travelers3

Aw, thanks so much Lucretia! ❤️ I so appreciate you commenting here and your kind words! It has been a long hard road with lots of failure along the way but persistence seems to be my greatest key. lol

I will give lots more details when I write the ebook, but the links in this one also give the basics, especially the one when I lost the first 100lbs.



Losing weight is just the greatest feeling in the world. Congratulations to you on doing so well. It is so important for our long term health as individuals and as a family that we stay healthy together. As a family we recently embarked on the process, after a realisation that we need to work harder to stay healthy to live longer. It is a journey together as a family that we will do this.

Thank you

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