Top 15 Ancient Roman and Greek Ruins

March 12, 2013

Best places to visit Roman and Greek ruins, like this in Jerash!

Where are the best places to visit ancient Roman and Greek ruins? Much to our surprise on our family world trip, we found out that there are more Greek and Roman ruins in Turkey than in either Greece or Italy.

favorite ancient ruins for families like Pont du Gard in Provence

That said, we've found amazing ruins all around Europe as well as in Jordan and Turkey. The Greek Islands for kids are perfect! Visiting all of these places has been an important part of our world schooling and one of the best educational benefits of being a digital nomad family.

Mozart had a passion for archaeology as well as Greek and Roman mythology at a very young age, so it was simply amazing to allow her to hug Aprodite, run in the place of the original Olympics ( with olive leaf crown and all), dig at Troy, work with archaeologist at Ephesus and so much more.

We met a teacher on our gulet boat trip in Turkey who said Mozart knew more about Greek myths than he did and she had learned it all on her own through travel and books.

Top ancient Roman and Greek sites sometimes have Roman army shows - fab for family travel


We have been blessed to see sooo many, thus it is hard to decide as we loved them all and each site is unique and special in it's own way, but these are some of our favorites:





Homer's Troy


Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Pont du Gard

Palace of Knossos


Verona Arena




Split, Croatia and Diocletian's Palace

Best Roman and Greek ruins in the world like this ancient arena in Arles, France

So many more on our blog, like this photo of Arles, France and its UNESCO World Heritage Roman arena,but this is a good start for those interested in ruins and historical sites,  especially if you are interested in doing it as a family!

What is your favorite ancient Roman or Greek ruin site? Or have you been dreaming about visiting one?

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Reading and watching this blog makes me feel as if I was there in person. Much THX

Jeanne @soultravelers3

So happy to hear that Rain!

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